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"12 Cocktails of Christmas" Renee Wahl's Irish Whiskey and Apple Cider

Do you have a family tradition you love to do each Christmas?

Stuffing my own stocking with chocolates and cigarettes…just kidding. I have my own tradition of hanging stockings for my dogs and filling them with toys. And I usually can’t wait for Christmas day to give them out.

What have you asked Santa for this year? A pony, a firetruck, and tour support.

What was a popular gift that most children wanted when you were growing up? Did you have one? Cabbage Patch kids and my mom made sure I had a footlocker’s worth full of them.

Do you have a favorite Christmas Movie? The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is also a favorite for me at Halloween time.

What about a favorite Christmas food? Do you cook a big Christmas dinner? I was raised in an Italian/German/Irish family in PA Dutch country, so we always had spinach ravioli and bread filling along with the traditional items. I don’t really cook a big Christmas dinner anymore, but I still make the ravioli filling (without the pasta) and the bread filling. They’re both so good on their own!

What is your favorite Christmas song/album?

This is a tough one since there’s so many, but I find myself listening to Chris Isaak’s Christmas album a bunch during this time of year. Especially the songs “Washington Square” and “Christmas on TV.”

Name three things you are thankful for this year? I’m really thankful for so much, especially for my family/friends, when my Sprinter van starts/jumper cables, and the opportunities to keep playing music.

What have been the highlights for you from 2018?

Gigging around the country, getting to eat a bunch of double doubles from In-N-Out, and recording my newest album.

Any New Year's resolutions? No, I’m not a New Year’s resolution kind of girl.

What is 2019 going to look like for you? I plan to be on the road in support of my March 2019 album release!

Cocktail: Irish Whiskey and Apple Cider

Irish Whiskey is my go to throughout the year, so for the holidays I like to add some apple cider. The recipe is short and sweet, 2 parts cider to 1 part Irish whiskey. You can add a little cinnamon if you like, and the best part is you can make this with cold or hot cider (for those chilly nights).


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