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"12 Cocktails of Christmas" Featuring Zach Stone

Do you have a family tradition you love to do each Christmas? My family is very non-traditional, but no matter where we are or what we’re doing, every Christmas morning, my grandma makes her famous sticky buns. Forget presents; THAT is the best part of the morning!

What have you asked Santa for this year? Home Depot gift cards! It’s such an adult thing to say, but I just bought my house and now half my days are spent at Home Depot. So please help a brother out with his maintenance expenses! Oh, and socks. But Grandma always gets me those.

What was a popular gift that most children wanted when you were growing up? Did you have one? The OG Razor scooter! I got the green one for Christmas and rode it everywhere, but first I put on custom wheels that lit up when it rolled so I’d look like the coolest kid on the block. I wasn’t, but at least I looked like it.

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Jim Carrey in The Grinch! Is that your favorite, too? I challenge you to a quote battle!

What about a favorite Christmas food? Do you cook a big Christmas dinner? So, it’s not technically Christmas food, but my dad’s chili is the best on earth. It is my ultimate comfort food. Just imagine when you wake up to a cold winter morning, turn on a movie, and sit by the fire; it’s the perfect meal. Just don’t forget the Fritos!

What is your favorite Christmas song/album? The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s “Boogie Woogie Christmas.” It’s rock ‘n’ roll with an old school big band behind Brian’s killer guitar-playing. Seriously, the most fun Christmas album you’ll hear! My favorite song, though, is “Mary, Did You Know?” It makes me cry every time.

Name three things you are thankful for this year. This amazing journey God has put me on. I don’t know where or how it will all end up, but He’s done incredible things for me this year. My family also has had a tough year, but He has given them so much strength to push through, and I’m grateful that He’s guiding them. Lastly, I’m thankful for all the dogs I have petted this year. They were good boys/girls.

What have been highlights for you from 2019? TWO CHARTED SINGLES! Both “Sorry & Lonely” and “Hands On” made it onto the Country Breakout Chart, and that is amazing to me. I also can’t believe how many shows I get to play every year. We always play right around 100 shows every year, and that just blows my mind! Thanks to all the fans for making every one of these dreams come true!

Any New Year’s resolutions? Pet more dogs.

What is 2020 going to look like for you? I’m so excited about the songs. I love what we’ve been writing lately, and I can’t wait to share ‘em with the fans! So, if you’re not following me yet, now’s your chance … because there’s some great stuff coming your way



3 packages of your favorite hot chocolate

3 cups whole milk

1 1/4 oz. peppermint Schnapps - per glass

1 1/4 oz. creme de cocoa - per glass

marshmallows for topping

crushed peppermint candies or candy canes for topping

ZACH STONE is a dynamic performer who makes an immediate and memorable first impression; the 25-yearold exudes a magnetic humility that casually and comfortably translates his charismatic personality. With quiet impact and unsuspecting power, his modest confidence and subtle sex appeal make Stone every guy’s trusted friend and every woman’s wildest dream. The native Texan, and now Nashville resident, is making his mark.

The Commercial Music graduate (Belmont University—alma mater to award-winning trendsetters Josh Turner, Trisha Yearwood and Brad Paisley) and TeamUSA all-star showed great promise to become a pro baseball player. He chose instead to lay down his glove and pursue the love of his life … music. Belmont’s “Best Of The Best” award winner signed a management deal with Jetpack Artist Ventures in 2015. Just twelve months later, Stone partnered with the management company and a group of A-list Nashville songwriters and musicians to record his six-song EP titled Ashes (produced by Rex Schnelle of Brooks & Dunn and Trace Adkins fame).

Stone has since recorded and released a series of singles and corresponding music videos including “One Last Night” and his newest single, “Four Letter Word,” which received enthusiastic welcome and acclaim by country fans and the media. MusicRow Magazine recognized “the talented colt” for his studio performance with its DisCovery Award (March 2018) while the corresponding “Four Letter Word” music video premiered on Heartland-TV. Zach released his third single, and the corresponding music video, “Sorry & Lonely” in March 2019; the track enjoyed Top 50 chart success (MusicRow). He introduced his fourth digital release, “Hands On” (another Stone/Stone original) in July 2019.

The young songwriter who writes with purpose has a demonstrated knack for simplistic lyrics, catchy phrasing and a suave vocal delivery that leaves listeners hanging on every word. With anticipation seated before him, Stone knows how to build an audience of believers and bring them to their feet.

“I’ve really come to love writing; it’s an amazing outlet that helps me through life as I mature emotionally and spiritually. Writing is an education and a therapy, and my songwriting grows with me; it's an outlet to share my heart. The most exciting part of songwriting is to see how a single thought or idea can become a moving or emotional musical journey—to make people feel—placing a smile on a face or a tear in the eye.”

A contending independent who works hard and plays hard, and takes his business to heart, Stone has become an intrinsic part of the Nashville songwriting community and an "entertainer-in-demand.” Offering support to his peers and friends in music, Stone lends his time and talents to play notable songwriter rounds in Music City and has turned over more than 300 show dates canvassing 36 states since the launch of his short career.

“I work hard on my vocals, on my live performances, practicing guitar, studying other music styles; it's all part of running my business. When people acknowledge my skills as a whole package, that's a compliment that gives me confidence to know that my work is heading in the right direction. The fans’ energy is what fuels me and every bit of enthusiasm the crowd throws at me, I fire back with twice the intensity. We leave it all on stage.”

…and the heartthrob delivers… With a modern sound that’s transported with rockin’ guitars, infectious melodies and pensive lyrics, Zach Stone is the whole package, and the fee of entry worth every penny!


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