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2018 Summer NAMM Show - Opening Day

DAY ONE, Thursday, June 28, 2018

8 a.m.             Breakfast Session, Retail Innovators, Davidson Ballroom (Level 1) 

11 a.m.           Crafting a Hit Record, TEC Tracks (Booth 153)

11 a.m.           Ginger Cowgirl performance, NAMM Reverb Stage on the Terrace

12 p.m.           Oddnote performance, NAMM Reverb Stage on the Terrace

12:30 p.m.     Facebook 2018: What Works Now, What Doesn’t, NAMM Idea Center (Booth 453)

1 p.m.             P&E Wing Presents: Getting Paid and Credited–Lessons in Self Preservation with Hunter Hayes and Dave Heywood, TEC Tracks (Booth 153)

1 p.m.             The Secrets of Successful Lesson Programs, NAMM Idea Center (Booth 453)

2 p.m.             The Most Dangerous Things Music Retailers Do, NAMM Idea Center (Booth 453)

2 p.m.             Hit Dog Hollar performance, NAMM Reverb Stage on the Terrace

3 p.m.             Concert Sound for The Eagles, TEC Tracks (Booth 153)

3 p.m.             D’Angelico Pick Up & Play Giveaway, NAMM Reverb Stage on the Terrace

4 p.m.             Magnolia Wind performance, NAMM Reverb Stage on the Terrace

4:30 p.m.        SWIM Meet (Smart Women In Music), Room 201 (Level 2)

5 p.m.             World’s Fastest Drummer prelims, NAMM Reverb Stage on the Terrace

5:30 p.m.        NAMM Opening Night Party Featuring the 35th Annual American Eagle Awards honoring Chick Corea and The Manhattan Transfer, Davidson Ballroom (Level 1)

To view the whole #SummerNAMM schedule, including NAMM at Night events, visit

Food and Drink Options at 2018 Summer NAMM

Reviewing the latest products, learning from industry-best education and experiencing lively networking events may make you hungry, thirsty or both. Looking to re-energize yourself? Be sure to stop one of the many eatery areas available at the Music City Center.

The Music City Center is home to some great places to stop for a quick snack or cup of coffee including Vivacious Table and Kijiji Coffee. If you're in the mood for some Nashville BBQ, you will want to check out Smoke House and try out their famous BBQ brisket sandwich with their signature Music City BBQ sauce. A great alternative for lunch is delicious Mexican food from Baja Bowl. Their taco bowl and nachos grande are renowned crowd pleasers!

There are many other food carts and bars available during show hours. Below is a detailed list of what is available and locations.

Looking to venture outside the Music City Center? Check out places to enjoy at the legendary food scene in Nashville or check out our Nashville Food Guide list. 

Bon appetit!

Cash Bars House Bar: Hall C/Pro Audio Booth 331, Hall D/Booth 1427, Terrace/New Foyer Space

Food Smoke House: Hall D/Booth 1427 Baja Bowl: Foyer Expo D Alcove Go Natural: Expo C Booth #147 K-Cup Snack Cart: Expo C Booth #400

Coffee Kijiji Coffee: Expo Booth 659, Foyer Hall B/C Vivacious Table Pastry & Coffee: Pro Audio Booth 331/Hall C


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