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Aaron Lewis speaks his mind and that candidness has maintained a loyal fanbase for over 20 years. The deep tales and personal lyrics funnel throughout his third solo Country album, STATE I’M IN (The Valory Music Co.), available everywhere today. Get it here- Buddy Cannon produced the 10-track project with Lewis credited on writing six total, penning three without collaborators. The sole-authored group includes the title track, which has multiple meanings as Lewis strives to realize his physical and mental states while juggling a rigorous personal and professional schedule. The chorus unleashes: “Well I don’t know what you’ve been told / All the whiskey in the world won’t save my soul / I’ve done it all so where do / I begin / To fix all the messes and the state I’m in / It’s hard, yeah it’s hard.”

Acclaimed songwriters Dan Tyminski (“Can’t Take Back”) and the late Keith Whitley (“Burnt the Sawmill Down”) also contributed to the album. "I'm really good friends with Keith's son, Jesse. And Jesse gave me this freaking cassette tape that had his dad in a hotel room with an acoustic guitar, barely in tune, playing what became ‘Burnt the Sawmill Down,’" Lewis says. "I took this demo tape and we turned it into the song on the record. It was never anything. I heard the song and we turned it into the song you hear on the record."

Bold titles such as “God and Guns” continue to make headlines and have been immediate crowd favorites as Lewis has been previewing them on his STATE I’M IN TOUR. 

"It's always nice to put some new stuff in there and even better when people react to it the way people have been reacting to these new songs," he says. "They're hearing them for the first time and reacting to them like they've known them. And the reaction to the songs was like they were a song off their favorite record. That's always motivating and hopeful."

STATE I’M IN Track Listing: 1. “The Party’s Over “ | Aaron Lewis  2. “Can’t Take Back” | Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Dan Tyminski 3. “Reconsider” | Charlie Brocco, Keith Gattis 4. “It Keeps On Workin’” | Aaron Lewis, Ira Dean, Chris Wallin 5. “State I’m In” | Aaron Lewis 6. “God And Guns” | Aaron Lewis, Bobby Pinson 7. “Love Me” | Aaron Lewis 8. “If I Were the Devil” | Houston Phillips, Trent Tomlinson 9. “Burnt the Sawmill Down” | Jim Elliot, Keith Whitley 10. “The Bottom” | Waylon Payne

The self-proclaimed “Northern Redneck” achieved critical and commercial success with his last albumSINNER earning the No. 1 spot on the Top 200 Albums, Top Country Albums and Top Digital Albums Charts upon release. The 12-track project was voted to numerous Top Albums and Best Of lists and continues to make an impact two years later.

The STATE I’M IN TOUR continues tonight with a sold-out show in New Braunfels, TX and continuing the weekend in Austin, TX and Poplar Bluff, MO. Fans who purchase a pair of tickets on participating tour dates will receive a physical copy of the new album. For a list of dates and album package details, visit


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