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Aldo Sohm's Wine Simple on Shelves Today

by Aldo Sohm and Christine Muhlke


Today, Le Bernardin’s longtime wine director and lauded sommelier Aldo Sohm releases his debut book, Wine Simple. Infused with his insatiable passion and eagerness to teach others, Wine Simple is a dynamic and accessible guide that mirrors Sohm’s wine philosophy and encourages readers to form their own opinions about wine.


Beginning with the fundamentals of wine, Wine Simple covers the basics in easy-to-absorb hits of information accompanied by lively infographics and custom illustrations. Sohm, alongside co-writer Christine Muhlke, also shows readers how to take their wine knowledge to the next level, including techniques on building a “flavor library,” troubleshooting tips for tricky wines and playful tricks, like sabering a bottle of champagne.


A partner at the eponymous Aldo Sohm Wine Bar and the James Beard Award-winning wine director of the three Michelin-starred Le Bernardin, Sohm has received numerous accolades including the Les Grandes Tables du Monde’s M. Chapoutier prize for “Best Sommelier in the World” earlier this year. Sohm inspires guests, and now readers, to have the confidence, curiosity and enthusiasm to taste smarter, drink boldly and dive fearlessly into the exciting world of wine. Wine Simple ($32.50) is now available wherever books are sold.


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