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Allie Keck Releases Lyric Video for “Kiss And Tell”

One of Nashville’s most talented new artists has released a lyric video for her single “Kiss and Tell.” Allie Keck made her way to Nashville, by way of Neoga, Illinois, where she was born and raised with her sisters.

Keck wrote “Kiss and Tell” in true Nashville fashion; taking a negative experience and turning it into a powerful song. “I had just moved to Nashville with no job and no furniture in the house,” Keck says. “After being stood up by a guy I really liked for the second time, I wrote the song in maybe 10 minutes. It was basically about me being over this ‘hard to get thing’ this guys was pulling.”

Believe it or not, Keck and the guy never met in person. “It’s kinda weird to say I’ve wrote a song about someone I’ve never met, but Bumble will do that to you. I am not one to waste my time on someone because instead I could be focusing on my music. He may have been an awful dude but he was worth the song.”


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