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Ana Cristina Cash Releases New Single, “Fixed to Fall,” Now Available

Ana Cristina Cash’s voice delicately delivers a new profound ballad “Fixed to Fall,” a song of families missing their beloved soldiers as they’ve been called to duty. The song is now available here. This is the third song off of Cash’s upcoming release, Shine, which will be made available April 24. Pre-save Shine here.

Cash co-wrote the hard-hitting song with her husband and producer, John Carter Cash along with singer-songwriters and close friends, Clare Bowen and Brandon Robert Young, who are also known for their roles in the hit TV show Nashville. Together the talented songwriters showed off their lyricism with lyrics like, “I’ll build up a fire to reach the sky and hope that you’ll return.”

Throughout the upcoming album, Cash tells stories from all walks of life with “Fixed to Fall” being no exception. The songstress gracefully tells the story of longing for a love to return while leaving a light of hope at the end of the tunnel singing, “There are precious souls that you need you more than I do, hearts heavier than mine are fixed to fall,” and bringing the emotional song to an end declaring, “You’re back into my arms now after all.”

Recorded in the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tenn., Cash's upcoming album Shine will be released April 24. Cash’s recordings showcase her broad vocal range, from a deep resonating contralto to an amazing soaring soprano, revealing what is known to some as a “whistle register.”

Ana Cristina Cash was raised in Miami, Florida. Cash, of Cuban descent, is bi-lingual and began a professional career in music at the young age of six. She quickly became an accomplished champion of the singing competitions on the variety show, “Sabado Gigante.” Cash later signed to Sony Music’s Latin division at the age of 15 and recorded her debut album Ana Cristina, in the Spanish language. The talented singer then went on to be the first Hispanic American to perform the “Star-Spangled Banner” for a presidential inauguration for President Bush in 2005.

In 2016, Cash married music producer John Carter Cash, and has since been writing and recording the music she was born to sing. Cash’s music perfectly blends her connection with rockabilly and gritty blues, adding in a flavor of country and soul to create her distinctive sound.

For more information on Ana Cristina Cash, visit or visit her on  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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