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Bartaco is Going All Out For”Margarita March”

Bartaco  will be going ALL OUT for “Margarita March,” featuring a special lineup of refreshing cocktails! Each week will offer a different specialty margarita for you to enjoy! We had the opportunity to talk with Wine & Spirits Director, Gretchen Thomas, about all the great margaritas and even got her favorite margarita recipe to share! Check it out! 

Happy Margarita March! What made you want to celebrate with these delicious margaritas all month? February 22nd is National Margarita Day, and it’s a bonafide holiday in our world. We like to feature a unique and creative alternative to the traditional margarita on this day, and we thought it would be fun to extend the excitement and offer a fun new drink every week in March, with National Margarita Day being the launchpad.

How did you come up with the margarita recipes featured this month?

We wanted to showcase unique profiles, while staying true to the core flavors of a margarita. I looked at significant events in March, such as daylight savings – which inspired the Spring Riser, and St Patrick’s Day – which inspired the Esmeralda. I also like drawing inspiration from flavors we are featuring in other applications in the restaurant, like the Chai-Chicha-Rita, which uses Chicha a new non alcoholic drink we are offering that is made by steeping Peruvian purple corn with sugar, spices and pineapple.  I like to use what we have at our fingertips and see if it can be enhanced with tequila and lime!

Do you have a particular favorite we should absolutely not miss? 

I think the Chai-Chicha-Rita is a knockout drink with its bright color and distinct chai profile, its definitely the sassy attention grabber of the bunch. But my favorite is the Dos Piñas, because I love mezcal and its my favorite spirit to drink and to mix with.

Are there certain menu items that go great with each one? 

Actually, I think what’s fun about these drinks is that they are still margaritas – high acid, fruity, sharp and refreshing. So they are going to universally match with our tacos, the joy will be in mixing it up!

Would you like to share a recipe for one? Dos Piñas!

Mar 1-7: dos piñas – libélula tequila, lime, mezcal, muddled sage, cold smoked pineapple (made with a smoking gun!)

Mar 8-14: spring riser – libélula tequila, lime, maple syrup, cardamom bitters, lavender bitters, house-made orange blossom grenadine (it’s a riff on a tequila sunrise)

Mar 15-21: esmeralda – libélula tequila, lime, matcha green tea syrup, thai basil

Mar 22-31:   blood, sweat + cheers  –  libélula tequila, lime, jalapeño, blood orange, pimentón syrup (it’s one spicy marg!)


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