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Black Hawk Farms Announce First Retail Pop-Up at Richland Farmers Market on August 8

Black Hawk Farms, a leading producer of hormone- and antibiotic-free American Wagyu beef, is happy to announce its first retail pop up at the Richland Park Farmers Market on Saturday, August 8. Previously only available on restaurant menus throughout the country (with notable chef fans including Rich Rosendale, Jose Salazar, and Annie Pettry, to name a few), the brand recently introduced its premium beef to the home chef, with a selection of American Wagyu cuts available for nationwide delivery through its online shop – which made its debut in July 2020.

Based in Princeton, Kentucky, Black Hawk Farms believes the key to high-quality, premium beef is healthy, happy cows. They are one of the only farms in the country to utilize vertically integrated production techniques to nurture its cattle from seed-to-slaughter. Controlling the process from start to finish, they are committed to taking care of the soil and pasture, growing the grains used to finish their beef, and humanely processing the meat locally to ensure quality and freshness - all within a 25-miles radius of the farm. 

What makes Black Hawk Farms Different:

  • American Wagyu shipped to your door: Online food-delivery is an increasingly popular service in today’s social distanced society, and Black Hawk Farms make it easy to prepare chef-quality meals in the safety of your own kitchen. Not only is it delivered to your door, it comes with an in-depth recipe card with chef tips and recommendations.

  • Reducing their carbon footprint: Black Hawk Farms’ seed-to-slaughter program and state-of-the-art eco-friendly compost finishing barn (developed in partnership with the University of Kentucky) allows the farm to significantly reduce the size of its carbon footprint. While the herd only travels within about 25miles during their lifetime, the compost finishing barn utilizes imperfect runoff from the farm’s corn crops to feed the cattle, and the compost is then used to fertilize different crops on the farm as well. 

  • Health + wellness: As many of us look to improve our health and overall wellbeing, we must think about the ingredients we put into our body and where they came from. Black Hawk Farms offers humanely raised/slaughtered, non-stressed beef, without added growth hormones or antibiotics found in most poor-quality red meat. 

  • Third-generation family farm pivots business model in response to COVID: Owned and operated by the Cook family for three-generations, Black Hawk Farms has been focused on providing high-quality American Wagyu to some of the country’s top chefs and restaurants. Pivoting to fit today’s needs, the farm has launched direct-to-consumer for the first time ever.

  • 500-Day Finish: Most American Waygu herds spend their finishing period in feed lots for 180 days, but Black Hawk Farms has committed to finishing their cattle for 500 days, which ensures a dense and even marbling. 

About Black Hawk Farms:

Based in Princeton, Kentucky, Black Hawk Farms is a leading producer of hormone- and antibiotic-free American Wagyu. Owned and operated by the Cook family for three generations, it’s one of the only farms in the country to utilize vertically integrated production techniques to nurture its cattle from seed to slaughter. Black Hawk Farms goes back to the basics, focusing on taking care of its soil and pasture, raising healthy and happy animals, and humanely processing its cattle locally to ensure quality and freshness. This care and commitment for the health of its animals, coupled with the stewardship of the farmland results in an optimal environment for producing the highest quality of beef. Additionally, the cattle are raised in a low-stress environment, which includes a hands-on approach with familiar faces, minimal transport, and a comfortable home. Simply put, Black Hawk Farms believes a happy herd produces better product. The team at Black Hawk Farms has spent years selectively breeding its cattle to produce key personality traits and ideal characteristics of finished beef; the herd has its origins from the acclaimed Wagyu cattle of Japan, which produces some of the most beautifully marbled, umami-rich beef in the world, and later cross-bred with a heritage line of Black Angus cattle to produce a product full of richness and marbling with an authentic American flavor. While best known for its popularity amongst chefs, the brand is now available direct-to-consumer, with a selection of American Wagyu beef cuts available for home delivery through their online shop.


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