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Breakout Country Sweetheart, Molly Lovette, Celebrates World Baking Day & Shares Recipe!

"My Aunt Julie’s great aunt (named Mary Bresnhan) came up with the recipe. This comes all the way from Ireland, where most of my family is from. Four generations of my family have been making these delicious chocolate chip cookies. My aunt Julie learned the recipe from her mom and then she taught her own daughter to make them. Julie gave the recipe to my mom and now I to get to make it. My Aunt Julie & her daughter, Allie FaceTimed us so we could make it with them (social distancing of course) but we still made it 'together.’  My aunt makes them for all holidays - they are a family favorite and I hope you all enjoy them too.”

Molly Lovette's latest single “Lovin’ You” is available everywhere digitally!

Molly is very open about how her songs stem from real life experiences and how she pulls from those feelings to write the honest and heartfelt lyrics she’s known for. “I was coming off a breakup at the time and was still in that bitter stage,” she says of her inspiration behind Lovin’ You. “I always write how I feel in the moment and at that point I was thinking that honestly, I just wished the whole relationship had never happened. There were good times of course, but in that moment the bad outweighed the good, and that is where the song was born.”

About Molly Lovette: Honest heartfelt lyrics and an unyielding passion to create real music makes up the vibrant country artist that is Molly Lovette. This St. Louis native has combined her childhood love of country music with her talent for writing relatable lyrics to create a mature and refreshing sound within the country genre. With musical influences including Taylor Swift, Maren Morris, and Carrie Underwood, Molly aspires to embody the beauty, power and grace her idols have so effortlessly portrayed to their fans. Growing up in a household where music was always playing, Molly took piano lessons at a young age and in high school was taught how to play the guitar by her dad. It turns out, learning guitar was the inspiration she needed to start writing her own music and she hasn’t stopped since. While her debut album Crush was a collection of songs she wrote through her high school years, she is moving forward with her own sound and a more mature approach to writing due to the inevitable fact that she is growing up and experiencing more of life. With her natural gift for writing real and raw lyrics, a supportive team behind her, and the confidence to put her all into her music, Molly is ready to take the world by storm and win the hearts of country listeners everywhere. For more information on Molly Lovette check out her website and follow along with her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


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