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Carl Anderson Talks New EP, You Can Call Me Carl, out May 31 and Upcoming Tour

Credit: Laura E. Partain

Nashville-based songwriter Carl Anderson will be releasing a new EP You Can Call Me Carl on May 31.The EP features an all star backing band of Charlie Hall (The War On Drugs), Phil Cook (Hiss Golden Messenger), Daniel Clarke (Natalie Prass), and Rick Holstrom (Mavis Staples). He is also heading out on the road with tour dates supporting Paul Cauthen, Devon Gilfillian and Nikki Lane this spring and summer. We got all the details on road life and his new EP. Check it out below.

You are gearing up to release your highly-anticipated album on May 31, You Can Call Me Carl. How are people responding to the new songs so far along the road?

Folks seem to be responding well to the two new songs that we’ve released. It’s been fun going around opening shows for my friend Paul Cauthen these past few days, trying them out for new audiences. You know very quickly what works and what doesn’t out here on the road.

It has received a ton of praise so far from critics. That must feel pretty special?

I am satisfied with the reaction from critics thus far. I am really proud of the work we made. It’s important to remember too that not everyone is going to dig it and that that's fine by me. I am grateful to those who take time out of their day to listen to my music.

Favorite lyric/song from this EP.

My favorite song from the EP is called, “She Took Everything.” It’s a song I wrote after getting divorced. My spirit was broken, and I am so grateful to have had a way to work through it with my music. The song is a good reminder to hold onto hope.

What was it like working with Chris Keup and Stewart Myers?

Working with Stewart Myers and Chris Keup was amazing. They’re two very talented guys from Virginia that I have had the pleasure of working on several projects with. Chris was able to put together a great band for the record and Stewart is just flat out one of the best recording engineers (and bass players) out there.

You've played alongside a variety of artists and just announced tour dates supporting Paul Cauthen, Devon Gilfillian and Nikki Lane this spring and summer. Are there any bands along the way that you've really clicked with? Talk about what their influence and guidance have meant to you/done for you.

I feel lucky to have gotten to play with so many cool bands over the last several years. Honestly, it’s all a bit of a blur, but I would have to say that my friends, Sons of Bill have been my primary mentors in terms of offering guidance. They have taken me out whenever possible and showed me the ropes. Touring can be rough and there are plenty of wrong ways to do it. I’m really grateful to them for helping me avoid some of the pitfalls.

How does food play a part when touring or being in new places?

Traveling is a wonderful opportunity to try new food. I usually try and avoid chain restaurants if I can and seek out authentic local stuff.

How do you maintain a balance of eating healthy while on the road? Anything you try to avoid?

I don’t really maintain any sort of balance when it comes to eating healthily on the road. I eat a lot of cheeseburgers. I try and drink a ton of water though and I don’t imbibe so I guess therein lies the balance.

Tell us about one memorable meal you’ve had during your travels.

I don’t know that I can say I have had too many memorable meals on the road. Unless you consider the Wendy's drive-through in St. Louis at one in the morning memorable.

What do you look forward to most playing a hometown show at 3rd and Lindsley on May 1?

I am really looking forward to opening for my friends, The War and Treaty at 3rd and Lindsley on May 1. One of my best buddies, Sam Wilson is now playing guitar with them and will be able to accompany me for my set as well. I would have to say I’m most looking forward to getting to play with old Sammy again.

What are some of your favorite restaurants and bars in Nashville?

I would have to say my favorite restaurant in Nashville right now is Folk. They have a delicious menu and are known for their Pizza. My girlfriend Grace and I have had several wonderful meals there. As far as bars go, that’s easy. Mickey’s.

What food is your food vice? You know, one you sneak in a little extra of when no one is looking.

Cheeseburgers are my food vice. I try not to over-do it but my God are they delicious.

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

I would like to be sponsored by a sparkling water company. Maybe La Croix. I don’t know. I drink a lot of bubbly water. I may end up saving a fair amount of cash.

Tour Dates: 4/18: Chicago, IL - Carol's Pub ^ 4/19: Milwaukee, WI - The Rave ^ 4/20: West Peoria, IL - Crusens ^ 4/23: Davenport, IA - The Raccoon Motel ^ 5/1: Nashville, TN - 3rd & Lindsley @ 5/4: Bowling Green, KY - Tidball's 5/12: Dacatur, GA - Eddie's Attic 5/31: Lexington, KY - The Burl % 6/1: Monticello, IL - Allerton Park Concert Series * 6/6: Abingdon, VA - Abingdon Music Experience * 7/7: St. Louis, MO - Off Broadway # 7/9: Denver, CO - Globe Hall # 7/12: Bozeman, MT - Rialto Theatre # ^ - with Paul Cauthen @ - with The War and Treaty % - with Darrell Scott * - with Devon Gilfillian # - with Nikki Lane

You Can Call Me Carl Tracklist: 1) Bottom Of The Bottle 2) Roses 3) She Took Everything 4) Ten Different Reasons 5) Dream Of You 6) Head Hung Low Carl Anderson: Website - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram


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