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Accomplished songwriter and rising artist, Cassidy Lynn, is celebrating the release of her latest single, "We Were Drinking,"available now wherever you consume your music. Produced by David Dorn and Dan Wilson, the track was co-written with Sarah Allison Turner and Austin Jenckes. 

Nashville Noise exclusively hosted the first listen HERE

Cassidy explains: “My favorite thing about country music is its ability to take you back to a time and place and I believe this song does that,” she says. “It takes you back to those nights we all remember. The nights we learned about life and fell in love for the first time, got our first buzz and went a little too far. I’m excited about this song because I’ve lived it as I think most of us have. It feels super natural to be releasing a song that seems to universally relatable.”


Everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes, that story evolves in ways unimaginable. For Upstate New York dreamer turned Nashville recording artist Cassidy Lynn, that path would evolve through the art of the ultimate form of storytelling, songwriting. This force to be reckoned with arrived in Music City with the spirit of Patsy Cline and the fierceness of Natalie Maines, hell bent on blazing her own path. 

The pursuit of the artist thing led her to realize the importance of knowing how to write a song. After honing her craft at Belmont University, she landed her first notable pen, “Ball Cap.” The track hit #1 on Sirius XM’s The Highway fronted by Black River recording artist Glen Templeton and was later released by Curb recording artist Dylan Scott. The little song that could is much like the story of Cassidy, a child of the 90s who grew up on Tim McGraw, Reba, and George Strait. 

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