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Caylee Hammack Debuts Soulful “Family Tree”

Capitol Records Nashville's Caylee Hammack has “a voice to move mountains” (Rolling Stone), and she is releasing the soulful “Family Tree,” as the first track from her forthcoming album today to all digital partners She both co-wrote and co-produced the song that takes an honest look at her own small-town Georgia upbringing and the quirky cast of characters that riddle the branches of her own family tree. “I think family is the best way to introduce yourself to people,” Hammack said. “My mama is crazy about tupperware and my daddy hasn’t made it through a whole football game without falling asleep in his easy chair since I can remember. My sister smokes too much and she knows it. Every family has their quirks. This song is about the people I love the most, and the ones who made me who I am…and unknowingly, they have given me more song ideas than I can count just by being themselves. Real life can be real funny like that.” Standing out for her “mix of clever lyrics and haunting melodies” (Music Row), Hammack was recently named as one of The Bobby Bones Show’s Class of 2019. Fans can get to know Hammack as she returns home to her tiny home of Ellaville, GA in the lead installment of a new introductory video series.

Caylee Hammack constantly felt like a self-described “hippie in a hillbilly town.” “I used to pray every night as a kid, ‘God, just please make me different. Don't make me like everyone else,’” she remembers. Hammack is indeed refreshingly different. She’s a country expressionist, a grungy firebrand and a spiritual seeker. And at only 24, she has already packed a full life into just a few years, using fake IDs to get gigs around South Georgia, turning down a college scholarship for a love that burned out just a few months later, sleeping in her car when she arrived in Nashville and then losing her home in an electrical fire. “My dad has always said that the most beautiful and strongest things are forged in the fire,” she says. “Iron is nothing until you work it in a fire. Glass cannot be blown without intense heat. You can't make anything beautiful or strong without a little heat.” Tested by the fire, Caylee Hammack has been molded into an artist with incredible depth and a powerhouse voice that can effortlessly veer from fiery and demanding to quiet and vulnerable. Her life experience and relentless curiosity have coalesced into a country cocktail that’s rooted in tradition but expands with shards of modern pop and rock. Her self-penned songs tug on her own life story – bad decisions, secret affairs, broken hearts, a quirky family lineage – as she invariably turns the lemons of her daring life into sonic lemonade. Hammack is currently opening for LANCO on their headlining 2019 HALLELUJAH NIGHTS TOUR. For additional information, visit


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