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Celebrate Christmas Eve With Ashlyn Grayce's Holiday Apple Pie Moonshine

Do you have a family tradition you love to do each Christmas? We love to get in our pajamas, make some hot chocolate and then all pile in the car to go drive around town and look at Christmas lights, all while Christmas music is playing in the background! We also go out to Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center here in Nashville every year to see all the Christmas lights and decorations!

What have you asked Santa for this year? Lululemon leggings!! They are my absolute favorite things to wear. Also, nail salon gift cards. I love having my nails done, especially when I’m out performing!

What was a popular gift that most children wanted when you were growing up? Did you have one? A Razor scooter! I sure did! I remember I had the blue one!

Do you have a favorite Christmas Movie? Home Alone! This such a classic. I remember watching this every Christmas season when I was growing up. I still love it to this day!

What about a favorite Christmas food? Do you cook a big Christmas dinner? Christmas cookies and homemade candy without a doubt! So much fun to make and give away but just as much fun to eat! I am typically a pretty healthy eater but love to indulge around the holidays. My mother’s family is Italian and we traditionally receive a huge Italian-themed basket full of food that kicks off the holiday season.! It is filed with pepperoni, Asiago cheese, olives, pasta and sauces, breads, biscotti and a special blend of coffee. I also love some of the more traditional holiday dishes like mac & cheese (the gooier the better), fresh vegetables but lots of times we do a big tray of lasagna or baked ziti with all the sides which is fun! I don’t personally cook a big Christmas dinner, but my parents and extended family sure do!!

What is your favorite Christmas song/album? I honestly love all Christmas music, but if I had to pick my very favorite, then maybe “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Favorite Christmas album, either Brett Eldredge’s “Glow” or Michael Buble’s “Christmas!"

Name three things you are thankful for this year? My husband (I just got married in September at the Loveless Cafe, talk about good food), my family and my very best friends.

What have been the highlights for you from 2018? Releasing my new EP, “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Song” and having it debut at #4 on iTunes Singer Songwriter Chart and Bestseller List, Playing the Bluebird Cafe’ on my 22nd birthday, graduating Cum Laude at Lipscomb University where I received a degree in Strategic Communication, marrying my best friend and going to several Devin Dawson shows!

Any New Year's resolutions? To go to the gym more! Haha! Isn’t that everyone’s New Year's resolution???

What is 2019 going to look like for you? Busy! Lot’s more writing sessions, shows, new music and hopefully, hit songs!

Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe:

- 4 oz. apple pie moonshine

- 4 oz. apple juice

- 2 oz. cinnamon simple syrup (1 cup water, 1 cup granulated sugar, 2 cinnamon sticks)

- 1 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice

- Apple slices to garnish

- Cinnamon sticks to garnish


Grayce was born and raised in a musical family. Early on, her charismatic charm landed her print ads for companies like Cracker Barrel, Arista Records and Readers Digest. By the time she was a teenager, she had already made a name for herself as a writer and performer and has since enjoyed sharing the stage top-named artists, performed on festival stages including the Florida Seafood Festival, Bell Buckle Arts & Crafts Festival, Nashville Dog Day Festival and frequents numerous local Nashville venues including The Bluebird Café, The Hard Rock Café, Tin Roof, Puckett’s and The Listening Room. As a writer, she has already begun to assemble her own writing credits adding to her growing catalog, list of cuts by other artists and regularly collaborates many of Nashville’s top songwriters. Most recently, Grayce showcased her camera talents serving as co-host for episodes of TBN’s Juce TV internationally syndicated “JUCE Live”, “JUCE Live After Party” and filming social media updates for their TV show “Hot off the Press”, and is weeks away from graduation at Lipscomb University where she will receive a B.A. Degree in Strategic Communication.


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