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Celebrate the New Year at The Curious Kitchen in Murfreesboro, N

If you've made resolutions to be healthier, learn to cook, or try new things, they have got you covered!

Enjoy Lunch at The Curious Kitchen

They serve 100% homemade soups, sandwiches, salads, quiches, daily specials and delicious desserts, using fresh ingredients (organic when possible). They also offer a variety of Gluten Free & Vegetarian options. Check out the menu here!


1/18/18 Adults - Gluten Free for Me

1/20/18 Jr. Chef Chopped Competition

1/27/18 & 1/28/18 (ages 16+) 2 Day Baking Series

1/31/18 Adults - Thai One On

2/3/18 Kids - Gourmet Flatbreads

2/13/18 Adults - Exploring Indian Food

2/17/18 Kids - The Best Breakfast

2/22/18 Adults - Under The Sea

2/24/18 Kids - Foods of Japan

2/25/18 Family Baking Class

3/4 | 3/11 | 3/18  (ages 16+) 3 Day Beginner's Series

and more...

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