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Chance McKinney, Winner of CMT’s Music City Madness, Shares His Two Favorites: Meat and Watermelon

When it comes to food for Chance McKinney, winner of CMT’s Music City Madness, he says it's "simple... Meat & Watermelon! Those two cover all four major food groups... Meat is from the MEAT group and they get MILK from the cows that make the MEAT so ipso facto... tadahhhh. And Watermelon is a FRUIT/VEGGIE... and nobody eats BREAD nowadays so there you go. All four major food groups covered!"

This rising ‘industrialized country’ star also recently released his EP, “I.” Check it out here.

Option One: Flank Steak & Cubed Watermelon

1. Grill steak medium rare with Montreal Steak seasoning.

2. MUST let this sit for 10-15 minutes after grilling to allow the juices to flow back into the

extremities before slicing into 1/2" thick slices. It's like candy... only it's meat. Basically, meat candy.

3. Cube watermelon and sprinkle Worcestershire sauce on top. [Don’t think about it....just do it.]

Option Two: Tri-Tip Steak & Chilled Watermelon

1. Grilled Tri-tip steak to medium rare with only salt. DO NOT ruin the taste of a great cut with a bunch of weird rubs or sauces... just a little salt n' blood will do it justice.

2. Chilled watermelon... giant cubes, but definitely chilled.

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