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Charleston Wine + Food Festival Embraces 16th Year - Better Together

From the Charleston Wine + Food festival: "Our 16th festival we celebrated our recipe: a collective of artists, culinary visionaries, craftsmen, bartenders, brewers, purveyors, couriers, farmers, event staff, sanitation assistants, security guards, writers, musicians, prep chefs, servers, restaurateurs, guests, and Charlestonians. Together, amazing things happened."

We agree that the 16th year marked one of the best ones yet. We came together as old friends, like no time had lapsed. I think everyone was more thankful for the experience and the Charleston Wine + Food team did an outstanding job.

"When we began planning for this year’s Charleston Wine + Food festival there were countless unknowns. As we navigated putting on a live event amidst a global pandemic, we asked ourselves + our hospitality community how we could best support them – an industry hit so hard over the past two years. There were new venues. There were new policies. There were new initiatives. "

"What was crafted was pure magic."

"We came together in a way we hadn’t experienced in so long and it felt great to do so by your side. Planning this reunion during extraordinary times seemed both daunting + exciting. The opportunity to reconnect our community was motivation enough to push through."

125 events in 5 cities and towns

500 chefs, beverage pros, writers, and artisans traveling from as far away as Ghana

Scores of bands, DJs, singers, and creatives

20,000 commemorative glasses filled with countless sips

200,000 small plates loaded with memorable bites

And best of all – 30,000 guests who proved we really are better together

See more photos from our adventure below and at

Barn8 at Hermitage Farm, Goshen, KY

Little Peanut Pastries, North Charleston, SC

Palm & Pine, New Orleans, LA

Cantina 76, Mt Pleasant, SC


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