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Charly Reynolds Christmas Eve "12 Cocktails of Christmas" Peppermint Milkshake Recipe

What's your favorite Christmas memory?

One year Santa had a big envelope with my name on it on the top of the Christmas tree with a string attached that I had to follow all the way around the house and out the window up to the tree house to find a bike as my present from Santa!! 

What’s your idea of a good Christmas dinner? HAM! And lots of it. I love Honey Ham! 

Do you have a favorite Christmas album? Michael Bublé’s Christmas album released in 2011 is my favorite Christmas album. My favorite song off of it is “I’ll Be Home For Christmas." 

Do you have any favorite traditions or favorite movies for the holiday season? My mom and I always watch Hallmark Christmas movies together wearing our shirts that say “This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching shirt” on them! I also love getting up Christmas morning with my eight year old brother and seeing what Santa wrote for him and left! 

Whats been your favorite album of 2019? Wow, that is such a hard one. But I would have to say Thomas Rhett’s “Center Point Road” album. My favorite is “Remember You Young” I think it’s such a beautiful song with a great message. 

What are your hopes for 2020? Any exciting plans? There are definitely plans being made for a little hint! I hope to put out some more of my originals that I have and share them with the world! 

The holiday season brings the best parties and time together with friends and family. What is your signature cocktail recipe that you will be drinking/serving? Being twenty, I don’t really have a signature drink that I share. But something that I bring and share with all my friends and family is the Chick-Fil-A Peppermint Milkshake! It is just vanilla ice cream, peppermint syrup, chocolate chips, crushed up peppermint flakes, whipped cream and a cherry on top! The BEST holiday desert in my book! 

Charly Reynolds |Photo Credit: Lydia Stubbs

To learn more about Charly Reynolds and upcoming tour dates which will soon be announced, visit her website, and follow her on social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The charismatic 20-year old Florida-native was born in Orlando. As a young artist, Reynolds became a regular in hometown venues including Stardust Coffee and Digital Video, Friendly Confines, Johnny’s Fillin’ Station, Night of Joy at Walt Disney World, and the Walt Disney Amphitheater. She performed her original song “Wonderland, “in the nationally-televised Orlando Citrus Parade in 2018. Reynolds moved to Music City in 2018 to pursue her dream of becoming a country music artist and has opened for top country stars including Billy Dean, Montgomery Gentry, and Andy Griggs since her move to Nashville.

Reynolds released her first single on iTunes, "Underneath the Stars," in 2015 followed by three singles in 2016, "Stupid Love Song," "Need You By My Side," and "Get Over Yourself." In 2017, she released her highly anticipated 11-song debut album, Kickin’ Up Dust.

In 2018, Reynolds released her sophomore EP, Kissed Us Goodbye, which takes listeners on a musical journey through her relatable life-experiences of love, heartbreak, and the importance of family. The first single was “Shelby’s Song,” for which she also filmed a music video for that can be seen on YouTube as well as Facebook. The video boasted over 25,000 views in 3 days and appeared on’s homepage.

"I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and my career in country music,“ commented Reynolds. “All of my songs are influenced by events that I have personally experienced, have molded me into the young woman I am today and are very important to me. I think there is something that everyone can relate to. Music is my passion and it is my hope that in sharing my experiences, it will enable me to connect with more and more people and to ultimately make a difference in their lives."


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