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Chatting with Ashlyn Grayce About her new EP and Having Dinner Parties

Ashlyn Grace 5.22.17 © Moments By Moser Photography

Tell us about your EP, “Somethin’ Bout A Song” that was released. What was the writing process like behind it?

I had been working on this EP for quite a while but once I completed these six songs, I knew they were perfect for my project. They really capture who I am, the journey I have been on over the past year or so and my life in general. These songs take listeners down my road of heartbreak, falling in love, and even sharing some of my most personal emotions of moving from my childhood home which was later torn down.

Do you have a favorite song on the new EP? Or one that fans have been responding really well to?

Oh this is a hard one! They are all so different so it’s tough to say. My favorite song as far as sentiment goes, would probably be “601” just because it is so personal and dear to my heart. I wrote “601” just days after I had moved from my childhood home, and when I drove by it just days later, I saw it being completely demolished so the song came from a very personal place. As far as my favorite song performing though, I’d say “Kept The Texts” just because it is such a fun song and has a bit of sass!

Being from the Nashville area, you have definitely seen this city boom! What was it like growing up here?

Oh yes! I absolutely LOVE Nashville, couldn’t see myself anywhere else and don’t ever plan on moving. It is definitely home and I am so thankful and blessed to have grown up in such an amazing city. The people are awesome and there is always so much to do, especially

music-wise. Coming from a very musical family, with both of my parents working in the music

industry, I grew up going to music events of all kinds including all the Country music awards

shows, CRS and of course, CMA Fest, but back in those days it was called Fan Fair! Some of

my most favorite pictures are from back in those days. In fact, I have one when I was just a baby backstage at CMA Fest and Alan Jackson was holding me! It has been so much fun watching Nashville evolve and especially, now that I am older and to go out on my own and with friends and enjoy everything this fun and exciting city has to offer.

BIG congrats on recently graduating from Lipscomb University. How did the school affect your music career.

Thank you so much! My major was Strategic Communication, which is actually an extremely

creative major. I was able to do a lot of writing and media-related things like making videos,

graphic design and learning how all of this comes together. One of my favorite classes though was “on camera delivery.” This definitely helped me in learning how to be in front of the camera and to be comfortable with it as well as how to conduct interviews, be interviewed and other television-related things. I was able to put all of this new knowledge to use when I was asked to co-host an international television show on TBN’s Juce TV and several social media segments for them!

And you recently played the bluebird cafe! What was that like?

Oh gosh it was so much fun! This was my second time playing there but was even more special because it was on my 22nd birthday and it was sold out show! I am always so honored to play there. That venue has so much history and so many amazing people have played there so it is such a privilege and one I never take for granted. I love how intimate it is and how you can interact with the audience. Everyone is truly there for the music, to get a glimpse of “Music City “and really appreciates and values each of the singers and songwriters.

Do you see yourself as a mentor to younger female artists?

I definitely hope so and believe that I am. I have such a big heart for children and always strive to be a role model to them. I really want them to be able to connect with me and my music. It is my hope to use the power of my music to be able to help children of all ages and make a difference. I also want to show aspiring artists that it is important to be true to yourself and that you do not have to compromise your values or integrity in any way in getting your music out the world and that you should always be proud of anything that your name is attached to.

If you designed your own food tour of Nashville, which restaurants/bars would be on your list of places to visit?

Ahh, that such a good question! Nashville has some of THE BEST food around!!! I’d say

Taqueria Del Sol as my number one restaurant! You cannot go wrong with their tacos! Plus, it

is located on 12th South which is such a fun area! Also, Pinewood Social has great food and

has a really cool environment. It has a very classy retro feel and even has a bowling alley in the back where you can bowl while you eat! As far as coffee goes, Crema is my favorite! Their

Cuban… oh it is amazing. Then, for dessert… Jeni’s ice-cream! For sure, the best ice cream I

have ever had!

We love your style, any favorite Nashville shops?

Thank you! I have several places I love to shop in Nashville! Lizard Thicket and Blush are two

of my favorites!

What’s a typical day like for you (food-wise) when you’re at home and how is that different from when you are on tour?

I am pretty much a “creature of habit” when it comes to food! I am a healthy eater by choice

although I do love to indulge at times. Smoothies, Caesar salads, fruits and veggies are staples of mine but I also enjoy sandwiches, tacos, pizza and Chick-Fil-A!

Say you were having a dinner party. What is your favorite food to cook for your friends?

Probably baked salmon and roasted vegetables! It is such a good meal and also pretty simple! If I am feeling a bit more adventurous though, I love doing a taco bar! I am all about some good tacos!

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

Juice Bar! I am a sucker for their smoothies and juice!! I go in there way too often and spend

way too much money there as is, so being sponsored by them would be AMAZING! Not only is everything so good there, but it’s always so fresh and the fact that it’s healthy too just makes it that much better!


Grayce was born and raised in a musical family. Early on, her charismatic charm landed her print ads for companies like Cracker Barrel, Arista Records and Readers Digest. By the time she was a teenager, she had already made a name for herself as a writer and performer and has since enjoyed sharing the stage top-named artists, performed on festival stages including the Florida Seafood Festival, Bell Buckle Arts & Crafts Festival, Nashville Dog Day Festival and frequents numerous local Nashville venues including The Bluebird Café, The Hard Rock Café, Tin Roof, Puckett’s and The Listening Room. As a writer, she has already begun to assemble her own writing credits adding to her growing catalog, list of cuts by other artists and regularly collaborates many of Nashville’s top songwriters. Most recently, Grayce showcased her camera talents serving as co-host for episodes of TBN’s Juce TV internationally syndicated "JUCE Live", "JUCE Live After Party" and filming social media updates for their TV show "Hot off the Press", and is weeks away from graduation at Lipscomb University where she will receive a B.A. Degree in Strategic Communication.

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