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Christie Cookie is coming to Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood

The beloved local cookie company will open a bakery storefront

Christie Cookie will open a shop in Nashville’s 12 South neighborhood, announces Fleming Wilt, company president. Located at 2606 12th Ave South, Christie Cookie’s 12 South shop will feature its signature freshly baked cookies made with premium ingredients in addition to other dessert treats.

“As a brand with Nashville roots that were planted more than three decades ago, the Christie Cookie family is delighted to join the 12 South neighborhood,” said Wilt. “We have seen this city change, and have grown along with it while never compromising our standards for a quality product. We’re a local brand, I’m a proud Nashville native, and we look forward to bringing our treats to 12 South while celebrating what makes the neighborhood special.”

Christie Cookie was founded 35 years ago when it began as a simple storefront in downtown Nashville in 1983. Today, Christie Cookie employs more than 100 people and produces more than 100 million cookies annually for restaurants, hotels, bakeries, corporate gifts and cookie fans all over the country.

Christie Cookie operates a bakery storefront from its Germantown headquarters, 1205 3rd Ave North, where guests can visit and purchase freshly baked cookies, brownies and muffins, gift tins, coffee and branded merchandise. The shop opened in 2015, though Christie Cookie has been headquartered in Germantown for 18 years, where the company bakes and ships dozens of varieties of pre-baked and ready to bake cookies and brownies.

All Christie Cookie products are made with real butter, premium ingredients, like Madagascar bourbon vanilla, chocolate chips made from sustainably farmed cocoa beans, California raisins, Saigon cinnamon and macadamia nuts, and absolutely no artificial substitutes. Every batch of cookies is hand measured.

More details and an opening timeline will be announced. Christie Cookie’s Germantown bakery is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, visit Christie Cookie online.


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