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CMA Music Fest 2018: Interview with Travis Rice

Tell us about your brand new single “Always Have Mexico,” that was released. What was the writing/recording process like behind it?

It is just a jam more or less. Everyone likes to go to Mexico. You are going to fall in love with something while you are there because they have beer, great food, sunshine, beach, and women. We all fall in love with something. I just so happen to have fell for a very sweet girl, and we wrote a song about it. I just love it. It has a vibe to it and a good story and I think a lot of good imagery. I wrote it, but the production is what really took it over the top. Jeff my producer and all the session guys were able to put such a cool sound behind the lyrics. Make sure to check it out!

Have you ever been to Mexico?

Oh yes, in Riviera Maya. We went a couple of years in a row for a big music festival and had a blast.

What makes Nashville special to you?

The rise to the occasion kind of atmosphere that is here. I come from a small town and was becoming kind of a big fish in a small pond. I was at the glass ceiling a little bit. So Nashville to me is you have to up your game because everybody here is so good. It is not as much of a competitive, “I am going to make it so you don’t.” You have to be on point to hang with these guys here. It has made me a way better writer and singer. It has really pushed me.

How has Nashville influenced your music coming from a small town? Have you noticed a lot of changes.

Yes, but who I am as a person hasn't really changed. My songs are still very story lined. I try to be a little deeper than the palm of the hand, so that is kind of the same. But just imagery has gotten more involved. The talent of the guys playing on the record. The amount they push me to hit notes that I didn’t know where there. The people too, of course that's what makes any town. Everyone is nice and so accepting to be flooded with people like me and there have always been open doors. That part is pretty sweet.

What are some of your favorite Nashville restaurants?

Taco Mamacita is my go-to any time I am on music row. Demo’s, I have been eating there since I was in college down in Murfreesboro. The Goat out in Providence/ Mt Juliet. They have volleyball courts and a pool. They all have good vibes and are all laid back places.

What’s on your pizza?

Meat, mushrooms, and onions. I don't go to crazy. Just as much meat as possible.

What celebrity would you like to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee?

Well, I do not drink coffee, but I would love to go sit with Clint Eastwood hands down.

Do you plan on catching any shows while at CMA fest?

I sure hope so. I am defiantly a fan first. My friend Ashton Shepherd is in town and doing some stuff. I am going to head over to Old Red and see some local guys. I already saw Luke Bryan and Chris Stapleton, so I'm already well into my fan side. Just anybody I can catch.

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

Miller Lite. I’m pretty sure I have kept them afloat several years.

Follow Travis Rice at: Official Website: Facebook: @TravisRiceMusic Twitter: @TravisRiceMusic Instagram: @TravisRiceMusic


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