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Country Duo, Indigo Summer Talks Cocktails and New Single, “Wishful Drinking”

Your band has such big personalities, and yet, when you walk in a room, people feel very much at ease—you’re very hospitable. What does hospitality mean to you?

Bryan: First, thank you, very nice of you to say! I think we do our best to just be ourselves, no matter the setting. I think part of hospitality is making people feel comfortable and relaxed, and you can’t expect someone to feel that way if you yourself aren’t also putting that out into the world, or at least trying to. So, it’s the basis of really connecting with people in my opinion. And connecting with people is our job, so it’s important to make them feel welcomed and accepted as they are, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. 

Hope:  As Bryan said that’s a super nice compliment so thank you very much! Hospitality is very important to me, and us as a duo because on top of seeing us as artists we want people to see who we are as people during interviews as well, and being both kind and welcoming is very important to us.  What is your favorite thing about Nashville?

Bryan: There is a lot to love about our city. If I had to pick one though, it’d be the people. Everyone is friendly here and almost everyone is in the same boat of looking for friends and roots.  Hope: Gosh, I love this city! I think my favorite thing about it is there is always something to do and always good music to go listen to somewhere whether it’s at The Ryman or The Listening Room Cafe on a random Wednesday evening there’s always good music to listen to. 

How would you say your hometown differs from Nashville? Bryan:Well, for one, my hometown of Tampa has a beach. Nashville Shores doesn’t quite cut it. But the food is different: seafood vs BBQ. The music is different: Country vs. Buffett. We get all of our seasons in Nashville; Tampa not so much. And the sunsets are completely different. I love both places equally. Hope: My hometown is Edmond,OK. There’s definitely a lot of differences and then again some of the same qualities in the two cities. I would have to say the weather is very different! Everyone in Oklahoma has a storm shelter in the garage and although here in Nashville we have some interesting weather patterns, until you have grown up in tornado alley you don’t know what crazy weather is like!  Do you have a favorite music venue here? Bryan: My favorite music venue in Nashville is The Listening Room.  Hope:  Bryan and I have the same answer! The Listening Room is one of our favorites because you really feel people listening to the songs and lyrics you’ve worked so hard to create and it’s just a very inviting feeling as a songwriter and artist.  Your top choices for a great meal in the city and what you order? Bryan: Bob’s Steakhouse...filet mignon, baked potato, creamed spinach & Mac n cheese. Or sushi from Virago.  Hope: The Southern, I am a long time vegetarian and they have the best “farmers plate” in town in my opinion. The meal changes every week and I’ve never been disappointed. For tacos.. Bar Taco! So good!  Do you have any favorite shops in or around Nashville? If so, any tips for great finds? Bryan: I can always count on Nordstrom to help keep the wardrobe updated. I do like Posh in Hillsboro Village as well.  Hope: When we shoot a video to do a photo shoot Posh is my go to. Blush is also a fun affordable boutique here in Nashville! For everyday clothes you can find the entire store of Madewell or lululemon in my closet. Outside of music I live in yoga pants! We love your new video for, "Wishful Drinking!" Where are your favorite places to drink in Nashville and what do you order?

Bryan: Thank you! I really like the rooftop bar, L. A. Jackson’s. I’m a whiskey guy, so I’ll usually find a bourbon and drink it neat. I also recently discovered a cool speakeasy in East Nashville called Atta Boy. There are no menus, you order what you want or you ask for the bartender to make you something.  Hope:  Thank you! I am really cliche when it comes to my drink order. I love a good margarita, Rose pepper in East Nashville has the best or a good ole’ glass of red wine and I’m happy! 

Tennessee Mule * Fill a copper mule glass with ice.  * Fill 1/3 to 1/2 of glass with Uncle Nearest Premium Tennessee Whiskey * Fill the rest with ginger beer * Add a splash of lime juice * Turn on some Indigo Summer * Enjoy

About Indigo Summer:  Indigo Summer took country fans by storm with their self-titled album released in October of 2017. The project featured all original songs co-written by the duo, Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix. Indigo Summer's full-length debut album introduced a fresh and exciting sound to the modern country music landscape.  Meeting at a songwriter’s night at Nashville’s famed Hotel Indigo in December of 2010 (hence part of the duo’s name), Hope and Bryan quickly hit it off with their musical similarities. The two began writing together and from those sessions, their partnership grew to include performing and producing together. As solo artists, they have performed across the country and opened for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, and Charlie Daniels. As songwriters, they have had numerous cuts and TV placements, including songs recorded by Jason Aldean and featured on the Discovery Channel

For more information on Indigo Summer and follow them on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook.


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