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Country Music Artist's Reveal Favorite Nashville Restaurants

Butcher & Bee- WHIPPED FETA fermented honey, cracked black pepper

Brett Kissel- My all time favorite is Rolf and Daughters in Germantown. I love going to it and 5th & Taylor in Germantown as well. A few Valentine's ago my wife and I went to Catbird Seat right above Patterson house and that was one of the most incredible dining experiences that we have ever had. So Nashville truly is one of the great food capitals of America.

Bobby Bones- I order UberEats from the Tavern the most for the Grilled Salmon. They also have the Chickarrones if I am going to go the other way.

Walker McGuire-

Jordan Walker- Little Caesars

Johnny McGuire- I like to do a lot of cooking at home, so I haven’t really hit top the spots. But I do like Little Caesars.

Property Brothers-

Jonathan Scott- Henrietta Red

Drew Scott-AVO is fantastic. It's all vegan food, but it’s unbelievable. They even have vegan sushi, everything is amazing.


Trey Smith- Butcher & Bee, get the whipped feta with bacon added

Jennifer Fiedler- Frothy Monkey is my all time favorite- breakfast, lunch, dinner

Lucas Hoge- Hands down Fenwick's 300. It’s only open from like 7am-2pm. So you have to get breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Gabby Barrett- Martin’s BBQ is really really good

Caleb Lee Hutchinson- It hasn’t happened for me yet. I am still taking recommendations


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