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Country Music’s Navy Veteran, Derek Jones, Talks New Music and Touring in an Exclusive Interview

Thank you so much for talking with us Derek! What is it like to try and break into the country music scene in Nashville?

It’s a blast! The key is surrounding yourself with positive people that believe in what you’re doing!

How are you inspired by your rock and country music heroes?

My hero’s stayed true to themselves and to their fans!

Can you share any moments when you felt like your songs were really able to touch our nation’s heroes?

I’ll have veterans come up to me after shows and talk to me. When they start tearing up as they are telling me their story, that’s when I know.

What are some other ways that you, as a veteran, think music can help our armed forces and those who have served?

Music helps because something in that song touched them. They connected to it and felt something. It’s an escape. I’m gonna stay true to me and my music and just pray that people will continue to connect to it.

What is it like working and touring with Billy Ray Cyrus?

It’s incredible!! The man has been around the block and now he’s helping me down this road!

Any great road stories so far?

Being a veteran I’m able to keep up with people I’ve served with, so many of my greatest memories are meeting back up with those fellas on the road.

Now Let’s have a bit of fun. What's your favorite place to eat in Nashville?

Just depends on what I’m in the mood for, but my go to is definitely Sam's Sports Bar on Old Hickory Lake. I’m a wings and beer kinda fellar!

One food everyone tells you to try, but you just can’t get up the nerve.

To be honest there's nothing I won’t try at least once!!

Is there a secret ingredient that you love to cook with?

No. But, I always say if you need dipping sauce for your cooked it wrong.

When out on the road, what's your fast food of choice?

Burger King probably

You are headed to Australia in a couple weeks, is there any delicious food your looking forward to.

I hope so. If it’s weird I’ll try it!

What are your career goals for the near future?

To be invited back to the Grand Ole Opry

Where can we keep up with you and your music?

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

McDonald’s cause I just wanna make McMusic....lmao





With gritty, grizzled powerhouse vocals, bold songwriting talent and a dynamic live show, singer-songwriter Derek Jones continues breaking the mold as a new artist with his new EP, Pray, available today. (CLICK HERE to purchase Pray)

A true road warrior, Jones spent hundreds of miles on the road playing in honky tonks, fairs and even packed arenas, opening for international country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus. Recently, Jones made his national television debut on "Picker & Ben," performing "Some Gave All" with Cyrus. Later this month, Jones will travel to Australia to open several more shows.

Jones built his eager fan base while developing his trademark, patriotic songs after serving as a US Navy Veteran in Iraq. When Jones returned from overseas in 2003, he picked up a guitar and never looked back.

Since then, Jones has been writing and recording for Pray, which features two tracks Cyrus co-wrote.

"This record has been a long time coming and I’m so stoked to have worked with such amazing people on this! My good buddy, Billy Ray Cyrus, and I worked together on a few of the songs and I cannot wait for y’all to put your ears on this! This is one that I’m extremely proud of couldn’t be more happy with the end results," says Jones.


1. Country As Country Can Be

(Billy Ray Cyrus, Mick Adkins, Casey Beathard)

2. Pray

(Derek Jones, Mick Adkins)

3. What Happened

(Derek Jones)

4. Meant To Be

(Billy Ray Cyrus)

5. Free To Leave

(Derek Jones, Eddie Wilson)


March 22 The Palms at Crown - Southbank, Australia

March 24 Crossroads Country in the Vines - Pokolbin, Australia

March 25 By The Bay Country Music Festival - Sandstone Point, Australia

The Hartford City, Indiana native continues playing for his own army of fans throughout the country and will be releasing additional tour dates soon.

Be sure to follow Derek Jones on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and visit

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