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Jenny Tolman jokingly says, "You leave a girl in the kitchen for two weeks and she thinks she's Trisha Yearwood!"

To help fight off boredom, Jenny Tolman, who the Tennessean named one of Nashville's Artists to Watch in 2020, has launched Jenny's Quarantine Kitchen. Watch her first episode HERE. Video is shot and edited by her GRAMMY® nominated producer Dave Brainard.

Tolman has an uncanny ability to connect with the camera and her cute and quirky comments and expressions keep your attention throughout the cooking demo. One would think they were watching an already highly rated Food Network program. Way before it was considered a way of life for so many, Tolman has been gluten free for 10 years. Over time she learned about anti-inflammatory eating which encouraged her to take it a few steps further to also go dairy free and egg free (about 90% of the time). "When my mom and I went gluten free in the dark ages of it, it forced us to learn how to make most of our food. By doing so, I fell in love with cooking/baking and finding ways to make my old favorite foods "healthier." Tolman continues, "So, since we are under an order right now to stay at home, I figured sharing some of my favorite recipes would be a fun thing to do. I think we are all going to be doing a lot more cooking in the coming days!" Jenny Tolman's debut album There Goes The Neighborhood is on the Country Caffeine playlist on Apple (plus 5 other playlists including What Would Dolly Do) and her video is currently featured on CMT's 12 Pack. See a few more of her honorable press mentions below:

For more information, visit Jenny Tolman.


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