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Dakota Danielle Turned up the Beat with her Debut Single "One Church" out Today!

Small town sensation, Dakota Danielle, is breaking into the country scene with her debut single “One Church,” out TODAY! We caught up with her for a quick chat about the new song and of course food! Find out below what grubs she loves and really dislikes.

Top three favorite cities for food?

Nashville, Chicago, St.Louis

What’s your favorite healthy snack for traveling?


What is your favorite southern dish?

Pot Roast

Anything you'd recommend to people coming to Nashville—favorite spots or must-sees?

Some of my favorite spots are Jeni's, Biscuit Love, TN Brew Works, and Clyde's. Some must sees that I enjoy are The Ryman, Johnny Cash Museum, Parthenon, and Grand Ole Opry.

What are the foods you cannot stand to eat.

I feel like I pretty much like a majority of food, but I have always disliked beets. Also, I have trouble eating crawfish, crab legs, lobster, and frog legs because you can distinctively tell what you are eating and for some reason that just grosses me out haha.

Your biggest food-related pet peeve?

I don't think I have a food-related pet peeve!

What drives you each day?

My family and music. I am constantly thinking of song ideas and I am determined to give back to my family one day for all they have done for me. I strive to make the best of each day I am given :)

Is there ever a time when you just completely disconnect and log off your phone and social media?

Yes! Normally right before I go to bed I will take time to just wind down and relax without looking at my phone or social media.

Tell us about your much-anticipated new music that just released.

I have a single called "One Church" coming out today, Friday, March 16! It is about my hometown. I grew up in a town of about 1600 people. It consists of one church and three main bars. I am really proud of the town I grew up in and I always love going home and visiting. Writing this song was fun because it shares characteristics that all small towns are known for, but yet there is something unique about the one church town I'm from.

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

DR. PEPPER!! I love it! I normally can't go a week without having at least one or two Dr. Peppers.

About Dakota Danielle:

Small town sensation Dakota Danielle is breaking into the country scene with her debut single “One Church” slated to release March 16. The highly relatable, slightly nostalgic song is self-penned and produced by Mookie & Evan with Michael Clouse (Jeff Buckley, The Rolling Stones’ Nicky Hopkins, Thin Lizzy’s Marco Mendoza). Influenced by artists ranging from Dolly Parton to Chris Stapleton and Aretha Franklin, the 25-year-old singer songwriter will bring a fresh twist to country music.

The Illinois native is taking Nashville by storm after completing a degree in Commercial Songwriting at Middle Tennessee State University. Grinding to make a name for herself, Dakota’s unparalleled work ethic is evident with her regular appearances at Music City’s hottest venues. With a guitar in one hand and a pen in the other, her goal is to inspire and heal fans through her deeply personal, yet charismatic music.

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