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Dining at Pelato, the Brooklyn-Italian Restaurant in Germantown, TN

Updated: Mar 1

Pelato, is the recently opened Brooklyn-Italian restaurant, which has quickly become a top dining destination, from famed restaurateurs Anthony and Theresa Scotto. The nostalgic menu features nostalgic dishes inspired by recipes that Anthony and Theresa grew up making and enjoying with their families. Take a tour of the menu below! Reservations can be made HERE!

Get things goin' with baked caprese with house mozzarella, san marzano tomoato, basil and prosciutto di parma, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt GF. See just how far you can stretch the cheese!

Next course are the goods...

the big arancini - guanciale, peas, pecorino, mozzarella

potato croquettes - mozzarella, garlic aioli, parmigiano reggiano

burnt broccolini - black garlic, calabrian chili, lemon GF

Time to get Saucy..

campanelle boscaiola - chicken thigh, mushrooms, peppers, cream, parmigiano, rosemary

radiatori vodka - tomato, cream, parmigiano reggiano

the meats..

stracotto - braised short ribs, tomato, oregano, cherry peppers, white bean puree GF

the fishes...

flounder limone - battered sauteed fluke, lemon, butter

About Pelato

At Pelato, we embrace the richness of Italian culture, infused with the unmistakable spirit of Brooklyn. It's not just a motto; it's in our DNA. We're all about that Italian passion, blended seamlessly with the strong sense of community that characterizes Brooklyn. It's more than a way of life - it's our authentic identity. Pelato offers Brooklyn Italian Reimagined in a casual, sharable small plate setting.


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