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Disgraceland Releases New Episode on Whitney Houston

New Book Disgraceland: Musicians Getting Away with Murder and Behaving Very Badly Out Now

Today, the hit rock and roll true crime podcast Disgraceland released a new episode on the storied life and tragic death of Whitney Houston. Host Jake Brennan is currently in the midst of the 4th season of his podcast, which has recently covered Eminem, Madonna, Led Zeppelin and more. Last month, he released his debut book Disgracleand: Musicians Getting Away With Murder And Behaving Very Badly out now via Grand Central Publishing. 

Listen to Disgraceland on Whitney Houston via iHeartRadio:

"The Whitney Houston story is as tragic as they come," said Jake Brennan. "She succumbed to drugs and alcohol yes, but ultimately she died of a broken heart. It was an end that was totally avoidable had she been able to be the person she truly wanted to be and to love the person she truly wanted to love."

During the month of December, Disgraceland will turn it's focus to the year of 1969, with episodes on The Rolling Stones at Altamont, the Manson murders and more.

Last month, Brennan released his debut book, which Forbes called the book "a real page turner." The Arts Fuse called it, "...fascinating, funny, and often frightening." Publisher's Weekly said the book, " sure to fascinate music fans and true crime lovers."

Disgraceland now averages more than 3 million downloads per month and hit #4 on the overall iTunes Top Podcasts chart following the launch of season 3. Billboard said, "his shows feature just his voice, strong audio design and enough murder, mayhem and maniacal behavior to keep you on the edge of your seat," while Complex said, "Disgraceland is the kind of podcast that will suck you in and make you binge half a dozen episodes before you realize what happened."


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