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Easy and Delicious Almond Chicken Recipe


1 small jar of Armour Star Sliced Dried Beef (it is by the can tuna and chicken at the store)

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

8 oz of sour cream

2 cans of cream of chicken soup (or 1 family size) or cream of mushroom is good as well

tablespoon of melted butter

1 package of sliced almonds

optional: slices of bacon


Spray a casserole dish. I like to use a 2qt (11x7) rectangle dish.

Place and layer the dried beef in the bottom of the casserole dish

Cut the chicken into strips and wrap bacon around each one. (You can skip the bacon, I feel like it makes it very salty, but the flavor is so good. If you do use bacon, do not use the thick cut and precook it a little so it gets more crispy.) Place it on top of the dried beef.

Mix the sour cream, melted butter, and the cream of chicken soup and spread over the chicken.

Bake on 200 for 2 hours or if running short on time 375 for 1 hour.

In the last 20 minutes add the almonds on top and put back in the oven.

Serve with rice or couscous!


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