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Easy Easter Snacks with Mrs. Grissom's Select

On Easter Sunday, my family always celebrates together with food, drinks and laughter! And if you're celebrating Easter as well, you've probably got enough on your plate. So get your Easter lunch/dinner started off right with these festive snacks! These are the easiest to make yet so fun and festive that everyone will appreciate it!

Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad

Made with tender chunks of white meat chicken, sweet cranberries and pecans in a creamy honey dressing. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Great for sandwiches or with lettuce for a quick meal or just serve with crackers for a mid-afternoon snack.

Just slice your favorite apples, add a spoon of chicken salad, and enjoy!

Old Fashioned Pimento Cheese

Made with 100% real sharp shredded cheddar cheese and pimentos. It’s so rich and creamy you’ll wonder if Mom made it. We’ve added a touch of jalapeño to give this classic a kick that would make your momma proud. This southern delicacy isn’t just for sandwiches or crackers anymore (although we sure think it tastes great right out of the container!) Give everyday meals a makeover by adding Mrs. Grissom’s SELECT Old Fashioned Pimento Cheese to your recipes!

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip

Made with shredded white meat chicken and cheese in a zesty buffalo sauce. This mouth-watering crowd pleaser is sure to spice up any occasion and is ready to eat in minutes, just heat and serve. Perfect for sporting events, family gatherings, impromptu gatherings, late night snacks or (insert excuse here). It’s so good, we recommend you bring two!

Just add a spoon full of chicken dip or pimento cheese to Mini Baked Fillo Shells and serve! No baking required!



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