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Elvis and Dolly Performing Virtual Weddings On Valentine's Day From Nashville's Dive Motel

On February 13th, Eschaton will open doors for an evening of immersive entertainment. Part nightclub, part live theater experience, Eschaton is Studio 54 meets immersive theater all hosted via Zoom. You enter digitally and choose from dozens of Zoom rooms to explore. Behind each door is another performer, rooms within rooms. From music, to cinema, to drag, to burlesqueque, to performance art.

Eschaton will be broadcasting a live performance from Nashville’s Dive Motel, replete with spinning disco balls, leopard walls, shag carpets, and good old fashioned fun. There will be Elvis and Dolly Parton impersonators and back-to-back weddings performed by Elvis at a drive-thru wedding chapel. Remember that rat man, Buddy, that was seen on the New York City subway? He may be marrying his rat girlfriend inside of Eschaton.

The Dive Motel's partnership with Eschaton will bring the digital event's labyrinth of scintillating pleasures into the real world for one night only. Guests of The Dive Motel can access comped tickets to the show. When: Valentine’s Day Eve Saturday, February 13th across timezones: 10 - 11PM EST Where: Zoom / Nashville’s Dive Motel

How to Join: Tickets are limited. General Admission Tickets: $13 + $2.00 booking fee. Full Access Tickets: $23 + $2 booking fee (includes access to pre and post parties).


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