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 Experience Sinema Restaurant + Bar Brunch

 Sinema Restaurant + Bar has a new remarkable chef and we got to experience the freshly updated menu with family-style Bottomless Brunch! This is easily one of the Best Brunch Spots in Nashville!


Sinema, housed in the historic Melrose Theater, has a storied history of delighting movie-goers and creating long-lasting memories. Today, housed in the same space, Sinema aims to keep that tradition alive.

The grand lobby, including the curved staircase, has been restored and complemented by exposed brick walls, cozy velvet tufted booths, and legendary music photography by Robert Knight and Mary Ann Bilham. 

The culinary experience at Sinema has evolved in its decade of business, now led by Chef Shelby Briggs, who draws inspiration from her experiences in world travel. Her fresh focus merges with Sinema’s core values of culture and community, leading to an innovative food and beverage experience.

Whether you're looking to have a mid-week dinner, celebrate a special occasion, or host a red-carpet private dining experience, Sinema takes guests back in time with an opulent and nostalgia-inducing atmosphere, timeless dishes, and unrivaled service.

2600 8th Ave South, Suite 102

Nashville, TN 37204

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Jammie Ampongan
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