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Famed Nashville food truck to go bricks & mortar

Hoss’ Loaded Burgers restaurant is headed for Nolensville’s Burkitt Commons

Hoss’ Loaded Burgers is headed to Nolensville with restaurant plans, announces chef and owner, Dallas Shaw. The fast-casual burger restaurant will be located at Nolensville’s Burkitt Commons, 515 Burkitt Commons Avenue.

Burkitt Commons is a new, mixed-use development with 184 residential units and 40,000 square feet of retail space on 20 acres at the corner of Nolensville Road and Burkitt Road. Hoss’ Loaded Burgers will seat about 100 people in its 2,700 square foot space, which happens to have the Davidson/Williamson county line run through it.

“Nashville has been a wonderful city to operate a food truck,” said Shaw. “When I started the business seven years ago, there wasn’t a street food scene and now it’s hard to imagine an event taking place without food trucks being there. I am able to take the truck to various locations, so it was a challenge to select just the right place for a restaurant. I chose Nolensville because it’s a growing neighborhood near Nashville. The community is close-knit, supportive of local business, and will enjoy the quality product and casual environment they get from Hoss’ Loaded Burgers.”

The popular food truck started rolling in August 2011, and since then has become one of Nashville’s busiest mobile businesses, having served more than 150,000 of its signature stuffed burgers.

Visitors to the restaurant can expect an expanded version of these ‘Juicy Lucy’ style burgers, with the cheese stuffed inside. Rounding out the menu will be fries with an array of seasonings, including the signature parmesan fries, and the addition of real frozen custard.

“I’m really excited to offer frozen custard at the restaurant,” said Shaw. “I grew up eating frozen custard and there’s just nothing quite as delicious and creamy as a custard concrete. It’ll be the perfect treat to go with our burgers. We also will offer a few local beers for guests to enjoy.”

With a focus on quality ingredients, Shaw was an early partner of Porter Road Butcher, having sourced his custom blend of 100% pasture-raised ground beef from the local butcher since 2012. His scratch-made sauces and toppings are used to create both signature and seasonal flavor profiles. The burger is made complete by using freshly baked, local buns from Charpier’s Bakery.

The Hoss’ Loaded Burger food truck has been featured on many “top food truck” lists like Local Eats, Thrillist, The Guardian, and Eater Nashville. They have been featured on The Cooking Channel’s Eat Street, they have finished in the top three for multiple years of the Nashville Lifestyles “Battle of the Burger” competition, and they were rated as the #1 “Thing To Eat In Nashville Before You Die” by Thrillist.

An opening date for Hoss’ Loaded Burgers restaurant has not yet been announced. For more information, the truck schedule, and announcements, visit Hoss’ Loaded Burgers online.


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