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Feature: Country Artist, Mark Bray's, Game Time Grubs and Daughter Charlotte Ann's Grooves

Congratulations to Bar Frog Music recording artist, Mark Bray, and wife Erin on the February 22 birth of their first child, baby girl Charlotte Ann. Weighing in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces, Bray is ready to teach her everything she needs to know. 

“We have so much to teach her. So much to show her. Everything I am doing is all of a sudden more important than it ever was,” says Mark Bray. “I’m not doing this just for me anymore, it’s all for my wife and my daughter.” 

"Having a newborn at home means two things: No sleep, and no time to cook! When you’re tired and spread thin on time, you need recipes that can be cooked fairly easily, and most importantly, can be thrown in the freezer! Luckily for the Bray household, we have the Gametime Chili recipe that can be thrown together in large batches, and then later frozen to be eaten over time! The key is to cook big and then freeze it and eat it over time. That’s been a life saver.” 

RECIPE: The Bray Household Gametime Chili Ingredients: 1 pound Lean ground beef 1 1/2 pounds lean ground turkey *Really, you can use any type of meat you want. I like to use lean stuff because it’s healthier and requires less draining. 1 small can of chopped mushrooms *Fresh mushrooms are better, but if you’re on a time crunch and can’t spend all day chopping, a can works fine. 1 small can of diced green chili’s 1 can of black beans 1 can of red beans 1 can of garbanzo beans 1 can of kidney beans 3 cans diced tomatoes *again, if you have the time, fresh chopped veggies and beans are ALWAYS better. However, when you have a newborn, ain’t nobody got time for that! Salt Pepper  Hot sauce (your choice of brand) Cumin  Ground cayenne red pepper  McCormick Original Chili Mix Prep:  -Brown the meat in a large stock pot on medium high, then drain of necessary. -And half of your chili seasoning and cumin and mix. -Lower heat to medium abs and the remaining ingredients.  -Stir until you have an even mixture! -Lower to simmer and cover for 1 hour! It’s that easy! You’re done. Freeze the leftovers in portions and defrost as needed! You’ll be happy you did! So now that we don’t have to worry about what Mommy and Daddy are going to eat, we can go back to focusing on the baby! 

Grooves: Sure, you can use the built in music on the bassinet for your baby, but that’s boring! What do we have playing for baby Charlotte? Duh! Garth Brooks Lullabies!   Hushabye Baby is great. This line of baby music is fantastic. They do lullaby versions of Garth Brooks, Johnny Gash, George Strait, and many others. You can listen to them on YouTube at or on iTunes at

Baby Charlotte loves these songs :) 

ABOUT MARK BRAY: This Bar Frog Music artist climbed the Music Row charts with his last single, For Love, giving him a Top 40 single right out of the gate. Gearing up for a full-fledge summer tour and his sophomore release, I Just Need A Drink, this South Florida native always had music instilled in his blood and it was watching the 1994 television special featuring Garth Brooks that motivated him to do what he loves. Now with his creative soul, compelling charm and driven work ethic, he is not slowing down and is on the right path to becoming a household name. 


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