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Finely Tuned AMA Party Fri & Sat At TN Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works presents FINELY TUNED SHOWCASE

Music starts at 2pm each day.

Free & open to the public.

Friday, September 14th

2:00pm — Ashleigh Flynn- "One of my favorite people to perform and hang out with is Ashleigh Flynn. Her lyrics are smart, she's got a voice full of soul, and she knows how to handle a crowd.” - Todd Snider

3:00pm — Noosa Sarraj “Winona Wilde”- The songs indeed capture Wilde’s musical philosophy of “trying to strike a balance between freaking people out and speaking directly to their hearts,” from the opening track “Pincushion Soldier,” an aching lament for a woman afflicted with post-partum psychosis, to “The Night That Joel Got Shot,” a modern gender reversal of the traditional murder ballad. At the same time, Wilde injects some cutting humour with “Chick Singer,” a song that every female musician will immediately identify with through its sing-along chorus of, “You’ve got to work twice as hard, be twice as good, and get paid half as much as you know you should.”As a fiercely independent artist, Winona Wilde’s mission is to make country music that sounds both old and new, but with an honest perspective entirely her own.

4:00pm — Rachel Laven- If the secret to a good life is indeed to dare, Rachel Laven is for sure living one. As a finalist in the 2016 Grassy Hill New Folk Songwriter’s Competition she showed up with her usual, calm confidence, winning over the audience and judges to gain entry into a cohort of outstanding songwriters including Robert Earl Keen, Jonathan Byrd, Anais Mitchell, and Slaid Cleaves. Daring to enter the songwriter’s competition won her the opportunity to empower herself as a professional songwriter, touring as a winner with the 2016 New Folk Class. Today you can see Laven touring the U.S. and Europe performing songs from her soon-to-be released album Love & Lucchese's which is set for world release this October, 2017. Vibrant, well-spoken and always reaching new heights, Rachel Laven will be known among the songwriters of her generation as an encouragement and inspiration to dare.

6:00pm —Koziol Kennedy - Koziol Kennedy is the collaboration of Nashville artists, Bre Kennedy and Matt Koziol, consisting of bespoke songs written and recorded live from singular performances at Gray Matters studio. Produced by Matt Odmark.- She works at TN Brew. I really wanted to feature one of the bar tenders who is very much in it to win it. She is a about to release a new album and is really making strides, touring and busting her ass in the taproom. The staff love her and are so excited to have one of their own in this line-up.

7:00pm -- Kimberly Kelly Kimberly Kelly stands 5’2’’ with perfectly feathered hair, bell bottoms and a belt buckle almost as big as her personality.

With her megawatt smile and unmistakable throwback style, she lights up every room she enters.  But don’t let the glamorous Farrah Fawcett-inspired hair fool you:  this girl is the country music you’ve been missing.

Born just outside of Waco, Texas in the tiny town of Lorena, Kimberly’s childhood was a very musical one.  Her grandfather Sterling Kelly fronted a band called Sterling Kelly and the Hearts and was a fixture in the Texas country music scene.  Her father was a mechanic who blasted anything from Stevie Nicks to Lynyrd Skynyrd in his truck as they rode into town.  Her mother, a hairdresser, introduced both her and her singer-songwriter sister to Patty Loveless and Gary Stewart as the three racked up the miles in their old Honda hatchback. In fact, there aren’t many memories from Kimberly’s early days that didn’t involve music.

8:00pm — Brendan Malone

Saturday, September 15th 2:00pm — Mercy Bell

  • If it seems like Nashville’s well of talented singer-songwriters is never-ending, that’s probably because it is. And Mercy Bell, living in Music City by way of Boston and New York City, is another distinct voice with a potent, progressive take on emotive, modern folk. It’s a perspective clear on her new song “Home,” where Bell confesses to the coping mechanisms that have let her avoid life’s harshest moments, and a path to redemption that’s better late than never. “Could you come pick me up?” she sings in gorgeous harmonies and strings courtesy of Larissa Maestro and Kristin Weber, two of the town’s most gifted instrumentalists. “Forget the years that I’ve spent drunk.” With a vibrato that’s as strong as it is vulnerable, Bell makes it easy to forgive her trespasses. M.M. - Rolling Stone Country

  • “Sampson is now known as a shimmering enchantress of a performer, whom Rolling Stone recently named one of the magazine’s “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know,” comparing her to Bobbie Gentry and Stevie Nicks.

Effortlessly expanding a 70’s rock aesthetic with an elegant wardrobe and lungs that could shake the walls of an opera house, it is hard to believe Sampson was once a self-confessed “trainwreck,” who had lost sight of her musical roots.”

4:00pm — Leland Sundries + We completed a Paste Magazine session that streamed live via Facebook and YouTube and is archived on the Paste site. + We opened the May 18 Low Cut Connie show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC. + We will be releasing the single “If You’re Gonna Drive, I’m Gonna Drink” backed with a punk/Americana version of a traditional cowboy song on September 21 followed by a northeast tour.

5:00pm — Luella

  • “Luella" ....Previously of band Luella & the Sun. Also has a side project called Crackerboot..sings with her fella Tim Carroll too sometimes”

  • She doesn’t have a lot online as a solo artist but is maybe the best local vocalist that is so under appreciated - she is close with The McCrary Sisters. Luella also rocks the tambourine like no one I’ve ever seen. She has an Eartha Kitt-y-ness that is both sensual and very, very playful and fun. She is Rock n’ Roll that makes you do “The Dog”. If you don’t know youtube it. She plays every Friday for Happy Hour with Tim Carroll “her man”. Who will be supporting her on guitar. Their love is intense and a big art of their musical lives—good or bad as it may be.

6:00pm — Ben de la Cour

  • Listeners hoping for some of de la Cour’s more terrifying tales need look no further than “Tupelo”, a claustrophobic and hypnotic homicidal minor-key stomp inspired by a chance late night meeting. “That song is something of a meditation on my personal theory that there are only two types of people in the world – those who pick up a hitchhiker and think of all the ways they could kill or be killed by that person… and liars.” “Dixie Crystals” is a scorched earth tale of methamphetamine addiction set against an unforgiving southern hellscape, while “Uncle Boudreaux Went to Texas” and “Guy Clark’s Fiddle” are beautiful narratives about broken-hearted dreamers waking up in a world they never felt like they belonged in, but are still doing their best to love anyway.

7:00pm — Jaimee Harris

  • “Jaimee Harris is poised to become the next queen of Americana-Folk, a slightly edgier Emmylou Harris for the younger generation.

Her new album draws comparisons to Patty Griffin, Ryan Adams, and Kathleen Edwards – all writers who know how to craft a heartbreakingly beautiful song with just enough grit to keep you enthralled. Harris writes about the basic human experience, in a way that is simple, poetic, and often painfully relatable."You keep comin over... I keep goin under..."Harris isn’t afraid to get personal, but her vulnerability never veers into the self-indulgent. Each little confessional gem she puts out there is something the listener will connect to; these are things we’ve all felt, though many of us are less than likely to admit them. “

8:00pm — Kevin Gordon"Brilliance… Mesmerizing... Gordon delivers another album that comes as close to sonic poetry as anything from any musician who hasn’t already won a Nobel Prize for literature... earthy, literary music... visceral, electric blues-based vibe."- Scott Stroud, Associated Press, July 27, 2018

“Terrific… Another keeper… He’s one of America’s finest, most literary and talented musicians… it’s the way Gordon crafts his words to reflect reality without cliché that helps the music resonate long after the last note has faded.”- Hal Horowitz, American Songwriter, July 23, 2018

"'Tilt and Shine' may be the best rock ’n’ roll album anyone will release this year in Davidson County and its environs... impressive achievement."- Edd Hurt, Nashville Scene, July 26, 2018

"I'm struck by his mastery... Nobody in this town is better."- Ted Drozdowski, Premier Guitar, September, 2018 "Saint on a Chain" music video

About Tennessee Brew Works:

"We are proud to call the great state of Tennessee home to the Tennessee Brew Works brewery and taproom, where we create our "finely tuned craft beer." With fine traditions in many things including both music and spirits, we hope to capture the essence of the land and culture in all of our brews. We strive to create our brews as efficiently as possible, minimizing waste and raw material utilization in our brew processes; doing our part for conservation. We believe that brewing is a collaboration between art, science and culture! I would only add that they are working with the Department of Agriculture here in TN to build up and support the reforestation of the blighted, native to TN Americana Chestnut Trees for their beer King Chestnut—and are also working with the Tennessee Forestry Association to allocate lands for heritage farmers to grow and malt their own wheat locally, instead of buying and processing out of state. They are super conscious about transportation pollution and the cost to the environment that outsourcing raw materials causes.  The beer is real good and they do a great job being mindful of local farm production and supporting the culture of Greater Nashville and TN on the whole. 


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