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Video Exclusively Premieres on Wide Open Country

After landing his newest single on Apple Music’s Hot Country Tracks playlist, singer-songwriter Fordie Hays truly does have “More In This Glass” with the release of the heart-wrenching music video for his latest hit.

The video was directed by Victoria Metzger and co-stars Hays’ friend and fellow artist, Karen Waldrup, who is best known for her own album, Justified, which was released in 2018.

“‘More in This Glass’ is one of those, you can sit back and close your eyes and you feel like you're there in the song,” Hays told Wide Open Country, who exclusively premiered the video, “Having the opportunity to create such a special video that shows the story of the song was really great. I was so happy to have my dear friend Karen Waldrup in the video, she is such a talented artist!"

You can feel Hays’ sorrows as he soulfully sings:

"It may look like I'm playing it cool

But there's less of a man on this barstool

More to the story than what you're thinking

More in this glass than what I'm drinking."

The Mississippi native is no stranger to hard work as he spent the beginnings of his country music career splitting his time between Nashville gigs and putting in work on the oil rig back home. In 2011, his hard work eventually paid off with the release of his first single “Life in the Slow Lane”, which reached No. 19 on Top 20 On Demand. This success eventually led him to being signed by Go Time Records, an indie label owned by Kent Wells. Wells, a musician and producer known for his work with Dolly Parton, helped Hays record and release many songs including “Brand New,” “Redneck Juliet” and “There’s Gonna Be a Fight” including American Idol alumni Skyler Laine.

After taking a few years off to raise his kids, Hays is more than ready to bring his classic country style back to the fans. Most recently, Hays started working with songwriter and producer Jeff Silvey. Hays has been hard at work in the studio, writing and recording new music with plans to release an EP later this year.

To keep up to date on Fordie Hays be sure to follow him Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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