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Four Reasons Why We are LOVING East Nashville's Walden Right Now!

Photo Credit: Hannah Schneider Creative

East Nashville’s Walden is setting themselves apart from their competitors in more ways than one. In addition to serving 36 different cocktails and beverage options on tap, here’s four reasons why we are loving Walden right now. 

  • Cheap Drinks – Each of Walden’s on-tap cocktails cost $10 or less. Mixing up their specialty cocktail recipes in large batches allows the bar to keep costs low.  

  • Fresh Flavor – Housed in steel containers, tapped just the way you would tap a keg, the cocktails maintain a crisp, fresh flavor without risk of oxidation, corkage or spoilage.

  • Get It Fast – At most craft cocktail bars, guests find themselves waiting on mixing, shaking, and pouring. Walden’s pre-mixed pours allow for fast service that only requires a quick garnish. 

  • Inviting Atmosphere – The warm wood features, greenery and statement lighting set the overall aesthetic. Unique mural paintings and swinging chairs also add to the artistic characteristic of the bar. 

Katie McLaughlin and Robyn Donnelly, Photo Credit: Hannah Schneider Creative

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