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Give Your Pantry A Condiment Makeover with Jenkins Jellies!

Give Your Pantry A Condiment Makeover with Jenkins Jellies! Offering Complex Flavors, These All-Natural Jellies Will Be Your New Everyday Pantry Staple

Savory, sweet & irresistibly spicy, Jenkins all-natural spicy pepper jellies offer a heartier texture, brimming with jewel-like nuggets of pepper & fruit, the jellies are a complex blend of seven peppers & peak-season fruit purees.

Vegan and gluten-free, the jellies are the perfect accouterment to eggs, sandwiches, grilled meats and fish, roasted veggies, pizza, desserts, soups, dressings, cheese boards…you name it!

Jenkins Jellies are so zesty and offer such a complex flavor profile, that many customers find them to be a problem-solving, everyday pantry staple. One decadently delicious jelly that offers enough flavor that it is doing the job of multiple spices and condiments.

Offered in 5oz ($6.50) and 11oz jars ($10.00), as well as beautiful packaged Gift Sets. Also available on Amazon and in World Market stores nationwide. 

About: Founded by Hillary Danner, Jenkins Jellies was created when Hillary turned to her garden to relax, escape, and feel inspired. Surrounded by a plethora of citrus & fig trees along with an abundant vegetable garden, she grabbed her canning jar book and taught herself how to make fruit jams, butter, and the like. After opening a small boutique celebrating local artists, she began sampling her jellies during store events and the crowds went wild! What started as hand-pouring jars in her kitchen has burgeoned into a destination for specialty, high-quality jellies. Jenkins remains a small, family-run business. They are determined to offer their customers the best pepper jelly you will find by using the freshest & natural ingredients. Visit for more information and follow the jelly brick road on Instagram!  


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