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GOING OUR WAY Heads Your Way - Becky Brown Autobiography Lands In Stores Nationwide Today

Becky Brown will be busy this month as she continues to promote the release of her autobiography, GOING OUR WAY (Clovercroft Publishing). She'll be signing copies of the book, which lands in stores nationwide today, at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in Carthage, Texas August 9-11 and will do a signing after the August 17th Grand Ole Opry show. She'll indulge her sporting side the following week when she competes in the United States Tennis Association's Mixed Doubles State Championships in Chattanooga (August 24-26). Fans can order autographed hardcover and trade paperback editions HERE and wish Becky luck via her Facebook.      

Beauty queen, professional dancer, competitive tennis player, wife to Country icon Jim Ed Brown, painter, television co-host, grandmother and more. It's quite a tale for a gal who started life as the daughter of a chicken processor in rural Pine Bluff, Arkansas. From their first date,which she confesses Jim Ed pursued on a dare, to his decades-long career, to motherhood and through his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Becky and her man made their marriage work. And, while she confesses that sometimes it wasn't easy, the evidence of love and a positive spirit shine through in the book's 228 pages and in each of the 175 photographs.

Brown and collaborator Roxane Atwood cover every aspect of the couple's lives. Honest and emotional - it's all laid out here. "Oh, he was romantic and charming," Becky fondly recalls. "After that first date he asked if he could call me again. And he did . . . again and again and again. We really did have a wonderful life together." What Brown covers in the book - but neglects to mention in polite conversation - are the health challenges they both faced, the issue of fidelity and more. She credits her faith for sustaining her and gives thanks for life's blessings. This is a woman of quiet, towering strength who embraces life in every way.

An engaging interview subject, Becky has recently appeared on WSM Presents Live At Lula'sand WSM's Nashville Today, plus a four-day stint with fans at CMA Music Fest. Upcoming syndicated radio interviews include By The Book hosted by Matthew Worley, Classic Country hosted by Tim Rogers, Big John Trimble Show, Dave Light Show (WKPT Radio Network), WSM's Coffee, Country & Cody Show and World Christian Broadcasting.


Becky is one woman of the 1960s "stay at home" generation who chose to buck the trend and retain her independence.  Throughout her life with Jim Ed, Becky modeled; worked as a professional makeup artist; painted; danced; taught dance, formed a renowned dance troupe and founded a studio.  While a supportive wife to her husband and loving mother of two well-rounded children, Becky lived life her way, never allowing herself to be relegated to the shadows of Jim Ed's stardom. 


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