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"Hot New Music Friday Feature: Gavin Kennedy & Adam "Nolly" Getgood

Gavin Kennedy is both an impressive artist and composer. His debut album, Sunchaser, is a fully instrumental, 11-song project that pushes the boundaries of traditional metal. Gavin worked with famed musician and producer, Adam "Nolly" Getgood on the album. They met a few years back over in the UK when Gavin was doing an internship. They instantly clicked, so when Gavin told him about the music he was working on, Nolly immediately wanted to be apart of it. Gavin says that while Nolly gave him input during the making of the album, he really allowed Gavin to take the driver seat while he polished the diamond in the rough. We got a chance to sit down with both guys to learn more about the album and of course food! 

What was a typical dinner or family meal like for you growing up?

Gavin- I'm a sushi guy, so I love the Rainbow Roll at Peter’s Thai & Sushi in Nashville, TN

Nolly - Chicken Tagime - sweet & savory moroccan style dish

Who's the cook in the family?

Both of our Mom's!

Do you have a go to cooking or dinner party playlist?

Gavin -The Contortionist, The Spruse

Nolly - Latter music, Jorge Drexler- it's chill music, so good while cooking

Favorite food to cook with that comes in a can?

Gavin - Canned pineapple

Nolly - Baked Beans

Since you recorded your album in England, what was your favorite go-to meal when you were over there?

Gavin - Nolly’s mom - Tagime, laksa pasta (rice noodle, spicy, cooked egg, shrimp)

Nolly - Annie- catered and the spaghetti bolognese

What are your top three favorite foods/cuisines?

Gavin - Sushi, Mexican, Thai

Nolly - Sushi, Spicy food with flavor (Indian, thai), BBQ

After your album release party at 5th and Taylor, what foods did you indulge in?

Gavin -Duck’am

Nolly - Lamb dish

What was your favorite cereal to eat as a kid?

Gavin - Honey Bunch of Oats

Nolly - Count Chocula

Is there anything that you don’t enjoy eating?

Gavin - wheat, soy, sugar

Nolly - nothing!

My favorite healthy snack for traveling is?

Gavin - Epic - jerky bars

Nolly -Built On - dried meat

Best Places In Nashville:

Burger: Gavin - Burger Up,

Coffee: Gavin - Crema

Shopping: Gavin - Kroger

Breakfast: Gavin - Phunky Griddle

Steak: Gavin - Stoney River

For out-of-towners: Gavin - Urban Grub

Can you give us a little insight into the making of your album?

Gavin - It was an isolated process, writing music out of my bedroom. I had demos to build upon when we went into the studio and had a large time in pre-production.  I would send the demo and Nolly would critique before it was time to record the guitars. Having pre-production was helpful. We recorded guitars & bass in Nolly’s home studio in about two weeks.

Nolly -It is really nice to work with a solo artist, not multiple visions or egos. It was really easy. It was just nice to get an ear on it and massage it into shape recording on his home turf. It was a calm experience. Gavin just let me do my thing. The drum session is where it came to life. Good music makes production & engineering easy.

What was your favorite part of the recording process?

Gavin - Recording the drums. That initial moment of being blown away was sustained for two weeks. It's where it all came to life and became what it is now.

Nolly - Drums from engineering is challenging, so when it all comes together it’s very satisfying. It was a joy to watch Mike work.

What was the most difficult part in the making of the album?

Gavin - the most challenging was recording guitars & tuning, conscious ear & meticulous. Nolly was able to identify where it was out of tune.

Nolly - knowing the difference is in the details. Keeping your ears peeled for the tiny details and not letting it slip by.

Finally, If you could eat one person dead or alive, who would it be and what would you have?

Gavin - Devin Townsend - seems like an insanely fun guy to hang out with. Would grab a burger.

Nolly - Sir. Collin Richardson (grandfather or metal recording, very influential - would love to pick his brain)


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