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Eddie Munster Actor Butch Patrick Hosts this Night of Costumes, Cuisine & Magic

House of Cards, an OpenTable "100 Best Restaurants in America for a Big Night Out," has a big haunt planned for Halloween hosted by Eddie Munster of The Munsters actor Butch Patrick.  Come dine with The Munsters on Halloween donning you favorite costume while experiencing the award-winning, magical cuisine and intriguing illusions. Reservations are available now on OpenTable or at

“This Halloween, I’ll be hosting a party at the House of Cards in Nashville,” says Butch Patrick. “If you haven’t checked out the House of Cards, this would be a perfect time to come out, meet me and check out the finest magic in the country.”

About House of Cards

House of Cards is Nashville’s most unique dining and entertainment experience. Located underground in a one of a kind 10,000 square foot space, the venue offers an evening for guests unlike any other in the history of the South. Once guests arrive, they begin a journey via a secret tunnel which leads to a magical world that has been characterized as indescribable by anyone who’s visited. From the beautiful handcrafted bar, to the multimillion dollar collection of art, European antiques and magic-related artifacts, the interior is the culmination of four years of design, planning and artisanship resulting in a one-of-a-kind ambience not found anywhere else in the world.  House of Cards celebrates the art of magic, classic American cuisine and fine hand-crafted cocktails under one roof.

Guests are encouraged to explore the dining room to enjoy the rare collections and be entertained by some of America’s top magicians who are stationed throughout the venue to provide mind boggling illusions and tricks all evening long. To further enhance the experience, House of Cards has a dress code and a no-photography policy to ensure the privacy of guests. Reservations are required. Complimentary tickets to  magic performances in the showroom are included with purchase of a dinner entrée. House of Cards has been consistently awarded OpenTable Diners’ Choice Awards in the categories of “Best Ambiance,” “Romantic,” “Special Occasion” and “Most Booked.”  House of Cards has also been featured in or on the following publications: AskMen, Bustle, Delish, Eater, Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, MSN, Only in Your State, Sophisticated Living, SYFY, The Bobby Bones Show, Thrillist, Where Traveler, and more.

Highlights within the establishment:

• One of the world’s finest collections of playing cards dating back to 1490, displayed throughout

• Rare vintage magic posters celebrating the world’s greatest magicians

• Handcuff device created, owned and used by Harry Houdini

• Collection of European antiques from the 1700’s and 1800’s

• Bar featuring one of the largest liquor and cocktail selections in the region

• Classic American Cuisine and special creations by Chef Keith Droz

• Showroom presenting numerous stage performances each evening

• Secluded garden for guests centered around a stunning 19-foot water feature

Address: 119 Third Avenue South, Lower Level, Nashville, TN 37201

Hours: Bar (5 PM – 12 AM), Dinner (5 PM – 11 PM)

Reservations (Required for the dining room. Open seating at the bar):

Phone: (615) 730-8326

Twitter: @hocnashville

Instagram: @hocnashville

About Butch Patrick

Butch Patrick is synonymous with pop culture and the loveable character of Eddie Munster from the iconic television show The Munsters, a character role that he embraces for the millions of fans who love The Munsters. Whether you have seen Butch on TV or have had the opportunity to meet him in person, you get a glimpse of who he is....genuine. Butch, in his own individual capacity, is a great and amazing person. He has been through many personal adversities; has fought and conquered the negative issues around his life. Butch Patrick, today, reflects the sustainability of simpler times and fans' memories of their childhood connection with a TV show. At every event, when fans come to meet him, there is a special connection that transpires. The smiles and tears of joy, laughter, exchange of memories and stories allude to the fact that The Munsters will never be forgotten. Butch is one of the original Munsters, but the only one touring and meeting Munsters' fans. He is keeping The Munsters alive. Don't pass up any chance you get to meet Butch Patrick, the memorable and loveable Eddie Munster. All upcoming Butch Patrick Tour dates can be viewed on and on the Official Munsters Fan Group Facebook.


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