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Icon Entertainment COO Will Miller & Senior Vice President Angela Daeger
Icon Entertainment COO Will Miller & Senior Vice President Angela Daeger

Icon Entertainment, the parent company that owns House of Cards, Johnny Cash's Kitchen & Saloon, Johnny Cash Museum, Nudie's Honky Tonk, Patsy Cline Museum, Skull's Rainbow Room & the forthcoming Sinatra Bar and Lounge, has launched an employee portal to connect with their staff and bands during this pandemic.  Among the many services they are providing through the portal, one vital measure they have enacted during this time is a complimentary meal service to ensure food security for their entire team.

“There is a long tradition of showing love and comfort to friends and family alike through sharing a warm and delicious meal with them," says Icon Entertainment Founder & CEO Bill Miller. "While we can’t all gather at the family table right now, we will provide great hot meals to our entire Icon company staff and our bands. Acclaimed Executive Chefs and managers from our restaurants (Skull’s Rainbow Room, House of Cards and Johnny Cash’s Kitchen & Saloon) are in the kitchen personally preparing meals themselves. They stepped up beyond the call of duty. They are there because they care. I could say I’m surprised, but the opposite is true. Icon is a true family and it’s one for all and all for one.”

Icon Entertainment has established this online portal for all its employees to utilize to communicate with each other and with staff at all levels. A variety of resources are made available and updated numerous times daily.

“The portal is a crucial tool for every one of our 300 employees," says Miller.  "We update, support and communicate constantly so that no one feels disconnected or alone. Our HR department has taken no time off and directly assisted every employee to file for unemployment including handling the actual filing for everyone affected. In times like these, people want to know someone cares about them. We are blessed to have the best employees in the world at all levels.”

While the Icon Entertainment establishments are currently closed to help mitigate the transmission of COVID-19, please note that you can still purchase gift cards, tickets and merchandise to their attractions and restaurants at the following:

House of Cards: Click Here

Johnny Cash's Kitchen & Saloon: Click Here

Nudie's Honky Tonk: Click Here

Skull's Rainbow Room: Click Here


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