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International Coffee Day

Enjoy International Coffee Day with a Scottish Coffee. This coffee cocktail will put a twist on your regular cup of Joe, featuring The Balvenie, the most handcrafted Scotch whisky. Purchase The Balvenie on Drizly HERE.

Scottish Coffee - Created by The Balvenie East Coast Brand Ambassador Naomi Leslie

1 ½ part The Balvenie 12 YO Sweet Toast of American Oak

1 part Heavy Cream

2 tsp Cocoa mix


Hint of Vanilla Extra

Chili powder (or nutmeg)

Add vanilla extra, cocoa mix and whisky in a glass. Top with coffee and stir with a bar spoon. In a cocktail shaker, pour the heavy cream and shake. Top the cocktail with the heavy cream and a few dashes of chili powder.

National Coffee Day Special at Killebrew in Nashville, TN

The Autumn Spice Latte is back! In honor of National Coffee Day on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, Killebrew will offer The Autumn Spice Latte for $4.50. Made with a house blend of autumn spices, coffee and your choice of milk, this specialty drink is sure to give you all the Fall feels. Killebrew is open daily from 7AM to 3PM. Killebrew is located at the Thompson Nashville, 401 11th Ave S, Nashville. Telephone: 615-262-6001;


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