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Interview: Brailey Lenderman Releases Debut Single "Remember All The Nights" this Friday, March 16

Country music’s newest talent, Brailey Lenderman, is releasing her debut single "Remember All The Nights," this Friday and we already LOVE it!! She shared with us a little bit about her new music, favorite foods, and the "Remember All The Nights" cocktail! So pour yourself a delicious drink and enjoy the interview!!

"Remember All The Nights" cocktail

1/2 oz citrus vodka

1 oz pineapple puree

1 piece of fresh lemon peel

Stir together citrus vodka and pineapple puree. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass and top with champagne. Garnish with the lemon peel, and serve.

What was it like growing up in Georgia and what were some of your favorite foods as a child?

Growing up in Georgia was a blast. In my heart of hearts I will always be a Georgia peach. We always made our own fun. I think my favorite part of growing up in Georgia was the field parties that we would have. It was just a massive field and make a huge bonfire, it was tradition.

My favorite foods growing up were ALL foods. I was not a picky eater at all. But if I had to choose a food that I was always excited about eating, was pizza. Pizza was life. Chick-fil-A was a weekly meal in my life.

Is there a Lenderman-family signature dish?

There are several Lenderman Dishes. But I'll pick two. The first one is Granny Burgers. I don't know how my Granny did it, but her burgers were the best, so every time she came to visit we begged for these. Then the next is peanut butter waffles. My gramps started this one. He would make these AMAZING waffles and we always smothered them in peanut butter. I swear they put crack in these foods, even thinking about it my mouth is watering.

Now that you have been in Nashville for a while, were are some of your favorite places to eat, drink, and hang out?

Pinewood Social is one of my favorite places to go eat. I really don't think I have had anything bad there ever. I could eat one of each thing off the menu. I’m also in a great relationship with The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden. There is nothing better than a good burger and sweet potato fries. For drinks, Tavern and the Mockingbird. They both have AMAZING bloody mary's. And The Mockingbird has this church punch that I could drink 10 of, if I knew it wouldn't kill me.

If you could eat a meal cooked by any chef in the world, who would it be?

Probably Julia Child. I know I cannot obviously get a meal from her now, but I know it would be everything I dreamed.

What's always in your fridge?

Cheese, cheese is always in my fridge. I put cheese on everything like it is salt.

Are you a sweet or savory person?

Easy, I am a sweet person. I have the sweet tooth of a three year old who is walking down the candy aisle in the grocery store. I also have zero self control when it comes to sweet foods, so I never keep them in my apartment.

Describe your last dinner party.

My last dinner party was of course the Super Bowl. I have a group of friends here and we get together about once a month and make dinner. The men in our group are quite the chefs. This party consisted of smoked wings off the green egg, AMAZING macaroni and cheese, and I contributed with a cheese dip that my mom has made my whole life. It’s a broccoli cheddar dip and that’s all I can really make.

What's your ideal dinner party music?

My ideal music for a dinner party is probably 90's alternative music. There is something about 90's music that somehow, no matter when you were born, you know all the words to it. It’s also one of my favorite genres.

What’s your favorite food to snack on while writing a song?

This might be basic, but I snack on Skinny Pop every time I write . I could eat a whole bag in one writing session. In fact, I am eating some while doing this interview.

Tell us a little bit about how you got in to music? What inspired you to become an artist and songwriter?

I’ve always done music. I actually cannot remember if I ever was not doing something with music. Even in my first grade journal, one of the first songs I wrote was about the Easter bunny. Music has always hit me on a deeper level than anything else, so literally just life inspires my music. I could be talking to a stranger and they could say something that would inspire a concept of a song, and I will immediately go to my notes in my phone and start to write the song.

You are gearing up to release your debut single "Remember All The Nights." What’s the story behind it?

"Remember All The Nights," is a song about young love, and that joy and fearless love you have. And as you grow older, you lose that innocent love and you realize that time doesn't wait for you, and you have to soak up every moment you can with the one that you love. It is just kind of looking at someone you once loved so much and reminiscing. I feel like everyone will be able to relate to this song.

If you could only listen to one song all day, what would it be?

Easy, stay or leave by Dave Matthews. I am always singing this song, and I am always playing this on the guitar. There is something about this song that never gets old to me.

Finally, If you could get an endorsement deal from any food, what would it be?

Halo Top, halo top, halo top, give me all the red velvet halo top.


About Brailey Lenderman

We're working on an exciting project that I think would be a great fit for you. Brailey Lenderman is gearing up for release of debut single "Remember All The Nights" and thought it might be fun to create a drink recipe surrounding March 9th release. I've included more information below and excited to hear what you think. Thank you!

Nashville was a natural choice for Country music’s newest talent, Brailey Lenderman. The budding entertainer and former Georgian has built a team around her that includes industry vet Phoenix Stone (Backstreet Boys, Maty Noyes, Vertigo Music) at the helm with production by Jared Logan (Fall Out Boy) & Aswan North (Paper Tongues). In a time where women need to be heard now more than ever, she effortlessly holds her own in writing rooms alongside the industry’s biggest heavy hitters including Travis Meadows & Tim Nichols. A true multi-hyphenate, Brailey will demonstrate her resonating vocals along with her mature musicianship on her upcoming March 9th debut. Combining the charisma of Kelsea Ballerina with the rawness of Eric Church, Brailey’s breakout debut “Remember All The Nights” is sure to leave a lasting impression on the format for years to come.


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