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Interview: RaeLynn Shares Inaugural Lynchburg Music Fest Excitement

Thanks for talking with us RaeLynn! What are you looking forward to most playing the Lynchburg Music Fest Saturday? Anytime I get to do a festival close to home I love it, because I can just drive down there to do the show. It will be so much fun and a lot of people that I know will be there. I am excited to see what the vibe is like on Saturday.

There is quite a lineup this year! Do you plan on catching any shows while at the festival?

I am excited to see Montgomery Gentry and I have not seen Jamey Johnson in forever. I think the line up is just great. I am a little mad that I am missing Joe Diffie and my girl Cassadee Friday.

What would you say is your favorite song to play live? What’s the song that, every time you get up on stage, you think, I can’t wait until we get to this one? I have two. “Love Triangle” is always one of my favorites to perform because fans just respond to it so well. And my new favorite would have to be “Rowdy,” which is my last song in the set. I think it is my last song because it is one of my favorites to perform. The crowd just really responds well to that song and everyone likes to have a good time to it.

What first sparked your love of music? Was there a particular record you remember? The first record that I ever bought with my own money was the Kerosene record by Miranda Lambert. I will never forget I was home from school and the CMT “Hot 20 Countdown” was on. I heard Miranda singing “Me and Charlie Talking,” which was her first single, and it said at the bottom “debut record Kerosene out now.” I remember going to Walmart with my mom the next day and wanting to buy that record. I was always a big fan of her songwriting. I also remember going with my dad to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo every year. We saw some of the most incredible acts like the Dixie Chicks, Alan Jackson, Ray Charles, and so many more amazing musicians. That is kind of what sparked my love for music and especially country music.

Did you go to many festivals growing up? What was the first music festival you attended as a fan? You know it’s funny I never went to a festival growing up, besides going to the rodeo. The rodeo was our thing every year.

Are fans going to be able to meet and talk with you during the festival? Yes, of course! I think we have a meet and greet before hand and of course any fans that tweet or Instagram me I like to respond and thank them for coming.

Since it’s taking place in Lynchburg, how do you prefer your Jack Daniels? Honestly, I am just going to take it straight like it is.

We heard that you are quite the foodie and music festivals of course go hand in hand with food! What’s your favorite festival food?My favorite festival food is probably a turkey leg. I love the smoked legs.

What’s the best food that’s deep fried? I like a funnel cake, fried Oreo's, or fried pickles.

We love your “Raelynn’s Rowdy Playlist” on Spotify. What is your favorite music to listen to while you cook? It depends on what kind of mood I am in. Sometimes I want to listen to like 90’s country, sometimes chill music like John Mayer, and some really great background music. But most of the time I love to listen to 90’s country.

If you had a food stall at the festival, what would you sell and what would you call it?

I would probably sell mac and cheese. Like grilled mac and cheese sandwiches. I had a mac and cheese grilled cheese and it was the best thing ever. I love those kind of foods. I would just sell one thing and make it perfect.

What festival essential would you recommend everyone to take with them? Dry Shampoo if you are a girl. Because you can just throw some dry shampoo in you hair, brush it, and you are golden.

Any last words for our readers and your fans? I am super excited to see everybody and for the show. It’s going to be great.


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