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Interview with Comedian, Matt Bellak, on Upcoming Fresh Drunk Stoned Comedy Tour

The Fresh Drunk Stoned Comedy Tour has been selling out across the country and is coming to Zanies in Nashville for the first time on Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019. This triple headliner show featuring Franco Harris, Matt Bellak and Tim Hanlon brings you unapologetic, irreverent humor. In a showcase style performance, you will get three different perspectives and a night full of laughs. We caught up with Matt to find out a little more. Check it out!

Thanks for talking with us Matt! You have a show coming up at Zanies next Tuesday, February 26. Can you give us some insight on what The Fresh Drunk Stoned Tour is all about?

Fresh Drunk Stoned is a comedy tour that we started just under two years ago. It’s a triple headliner show which features myself along with Tim Hanlon and Franco Harris. The three of us are all very different, so there are different perspectives and a little something for everyone. It really is a fun show. It’s all about having fun and forgetting about your problems for 90 minutes. Have a drink, maybe a smoke, and enjoy yourself.

How did you get together with Franco Harris and Tim Hanlon? Are you old friends?

We all met in Florida about six years ago. All three of us were living down there doing comedy. We all instantly kinda gravitated towards each other. Since then Tim has moved to L.A. and Franco and I are roommates in Chicago. Those dudes are my best friends. Sometimes we argue like a married couple, or triangle I guess. But I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else.

You guys are literally all across the country on tour this year. Any stops you look forward to in particular besides Nashville?

Well we are super excited for Nashville. This is our first time doing comedy in Nashville. I wish we were in town for more than one day, but we will have to cram all the parting into 24 hours. Next month we go to NYC which is always a blast. One of my favorite cities. We also hit Pittsburgh, I’ve personally never been so I’m excited to check out the steel city. Also can’t wait for our weekend in Key West coming up in April. Key West is like it’s own country, wild!

Any time to play tourist while you are in Nashville?

Not too much unfortunately. We want to eat BBQ, do our show, and then check out the music on Broadway. But we have to be in Huntsville the next night, so it’s a quick stop in music city.

Better food scene Chicago or Nashville?

It’s my first time in Nashville so I wouldn’t know. But I will say I’m super bias and I think Chicago has the best food in the country. But let me know of some good grub in Nashville, I’d love to be proven wrong. We will definitely have the munchies, so we plan on eating as much as we can.

One food you sneak a little extra of when no one is looking?

Anything with cheese.

Drink of choice?

I’m a beer guy. But lately I’ve been getting a bit of a beer gut, so I’ve been switching it up to whiskey. Less carbs. More hangover though.

Favorite restaurant of all time?

Lou Malnati’s in Chicago. Best deep dish in the world.

What food fuels your morning?


Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

Taco Bell. Just for the free late night munchies.

Show Details:

Zanies: 2025 8th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019 7:00 PM (Doors open at 6:00 PM)

18 & over / Two items minimum


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