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Interview with Country Music Trio, MAMADEAR

Kelly Bradway, Dan Wilson, and Parker Bradway make up the Country Music Trio, MAMADEAR. They have been on an adventure of a lifetime currently touring Monaco opening for Sting, John Legend, Enrique Iglesias, and The Jacksons. Check out our interview!

What influenced you to become a musician? When you sit back and think about it, it is harder to answer than I would think. I would say music has always been in us, but the way music connects with people and can truly change people’s lives is a big reason why I wanted to be a part of it. Along with that, the love of songs. A great song can stop you in your tracks. -Dan

As an artist, you so many tasks such as recording, touring, interviews. What do you like best, what's your favorite activity? I think we might all answer that differently. I would personally say I love the performing part of it the most because that is where I get to watch the music come to life! You get to see the way a person resonates with a song, and how it makes them feel. It becomes this really special moment of connecting with people! I think Dan might say songwriting and Parker loves the ebb and flow of all of them together! -Kelly

You are currently touring Monaco, how exciting!! What do you love most about being there? It’s SO fun. First, it’s unimaginably beautiful. The French Riviera is so unique because there are so many amazing towns so close to each other, so we’ve had a blast exploring most of them. Musically, though, it’s been incredibly inspiring. Getting to listen to John Legend sing, watch Sting perform... it’s just amazing that we get to do this. -Parker

Have you tried any delicious food? Yes absolutely! I’ve been really into Spaghetti Carbonara! The sauce is incredible and I’m determined to learn how to make it when I get back to Music City. -Dan How was it opening for Sting, John Legend, Enrique Iglesias, and The Jacksons? Did you get to sit down and talk with any of them? It was absolutely incredible! Those kind of moments feel very surreal. We watched John Legend as he did his vocal warm-ups backstage and then totally rocked his show; performing with just him and a piano. When he came off stage he was still singing! We were like, “wow, that’s a true musician right there!” We got to chat with Sting and Enrique Iglesias. Sting came over to us before his set with a mug of tea, and shook all of our hands. We were very star-struck, but he couldn’t have been nicer! Enrique was also so friendly. We chatted with him about Nashville, how much it’s growing, and all the amazing songs that get written there. He was totally a high-school crush, so it was pretty cool to meet him in person! We learn so much from nights where we get to see those artists from behind-the-scenes. -Kelly

Which song of yours has been getting the best crowd response in Monaco? The Prince loves the Eagles, so playing some Eagles covers have gone over really well. Of our music, I’d say an older song of ours called Never Really Over has gone over really well! -Parker Your group was formed on a front porch. What is the best front porch drink? I went to Wake Forest, so I would say an Arnold Palmer!! -Parker

Home cooking or going out for dinner? Hmmm, good question! I would say going out for dinner! There’s something really sweet about home cooking, but I love the adventure of going out to eat! Especially when we are traveling to a new city for a show, it’s such a great way to get a feel for the culture. You get to try something new that you probably wouldn’t make at home, and the BEST part is that there are no dishes to wash afterwards :) -Kelly

What is the best dish you ever had? Here in Monaco, we love the cappuccinos, the fresh croissants. But the best dish has probably been some of the freshly caught fish we’ve had! -Parker What’s on your pizza? I told my family I was a vegetarian until I was about five years old, at which point I tried a meat-lovers pizza for the first time, and completely changed my tune! It’s hilarious, but ever since then I love any kind of meat on my pizza. A new obsession I have recently is adding truffle salt to pizza. We took a pizza making class in Italy last year, and we sprinkled it liberally over our pizzas. It was the most delicious thing ever!! -Kelly

Do you have a food bucket list? Wagyu beef from Kayne Prime in Nashville...but we will need some more hits before I can afford that!! -Dan

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why? Creature Comfort brewery out of Athens GA. Their tropicalia IPA is the best beer ever made hands down! They have really great branding and we we have lots of fond memories of playing in Georgia so it just seems to fit! -Dan


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