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Interview with Davisson Brothers Band--NEW album “Fighter” is available NOW!

Congrats on your latest album, FIGHTER!It has had rave reviews and gained a lot of new fans for you guys, including us! How long have you wanted to do an album like this? We have always wanted to make a record like this. We write and perform music about the country lifestyle we live. We have lived every note and lyric on this record. The team we have embraces that and we are very grateful.

We of course love your new single, “Po Boyz.” But as we recommend FIGHTER,

to our readers, which song would you suggest they listen to next?

"Breathe," it shows the serious side of us. We are a very high energy, happy upbeat band the majority of the time but life gets tough sometimes. I guess this song is about hard times and I think it touches a lot of people who are going through a rough place in life or have been there. We wrote "Breathe" a few hours before recording it. It was a very late night write and I’m extremely proud of that.

You have a lot of shows coming up, anywhere you are especially looking forward to playing?

We are really proud of where we come from. Growing up in West Virginia, you pretty much start watching WVU mountaineer football at an early age. We get to play a stadium show with Brad Paisley and Kane Brown the night before the WVU/TN game in Charlotte this year. We are also the support act for the band Alabama next week. We grew up on their music so that will be fun to be a part of.

How do you guys kill the long hours in the van? We try and keep something fun going on. Someone is usually cracking jokes or singing something. We will also call some of our buddies from back home and put them on the speaker...we know some characters. Late night, we call West Coast friends to entertain us.

What do you love most about being on the road? People. We like meeting new people. There are a lot of good people out there. We are all about making new friends!

What excites you most about the Nashville music scene right now? We live and breathe country music and we are excited about the direction it’s heading. It’s been fun watching some of the acts succeed that we have been in the trenches with for a long time in Nashville and on the road.

What do you do on a day off in Nashville, no work allowed? We like to visit some of our buddies who we don’t get to see enough. We also like catching music around town and going to some picking parties. It’s all about brotherhood and music for us in this town.

Any favorite Nashville restaurants? Chef’s Market in Goodlettsville. It’s a few minutes out of town but worth the drive.

@davissonbros Smells like home... #pepperoniroll #clarksburg #westvirginia #almostheaven #davissonbrothersband

Who is the bigger foodie in the band? My brother Donnie is the big eater. The band and the road crew are big into local and fresh food. We are always looking for the next thing.

How do you find great meals when you’re on the road? I personally try not to eat at truck stops or fast food stops. After eating all the good farm raised food where we come from, it’s hard to eat off the interstate. We like to pack stuff with us. When we do eat, we find local maw and paw places... the older the people are cooking usually the better.

If you could share a meal with any four individuals, living or dead, who would they be?

Clint Eastwood - He has been my favorite actor since I was a kid.

Willie Nelson - Willie and my Dad are the reason I decided to play guitar for a living. I have been a fan of Willie and his guitar, Trigger, from a really young age. Johnny Knoxville - My brother and I were good friends with the late Ryan Dunn... we always wanted to meet Johnny and hang but our schedules never lined up.

Our ancestor Daniel D. Davisson - He was a major in the Revolutionary war. He was the high sheriff of Virginia and resided in Harrison County, VA which is modern day Clarksburg, WV. Clarksburg is our hometown which he discovered. He and his brothers traveled in on horse and wagon, built a courthouse and ordinary (hotel/saloon). We take pride in our heritage and culture in Appalachia. I would love to hear their stories and learn about their "woods/outdoor" smarts and toughness.

Finally,if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why? Cracker Barrel - I have always been a fan of how they support country music and the country living lifestyle. The food is always great and the sweet tea is on point! We also like the southern hospitality.

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