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Interview with Hit Singer/Songwriter, CJ Solar

Thank you for chatting with us!So do you like to cook at home, or prefer to eat out?

Definitely prefer to eat out I if I had to pick!

Festival season is approaching, so what’s the best thing to eat that’s deep fried?

Corn dogs are a staple, especially being from Baton Rouge where apparently we all smell like corn dogs (google it) but oreos are pretty darn good.

What condiment do you always have in your fridge?

Mayo, ketchup, BBQ sauce and multiple kinds of mustard. And hot sauce!

What are your top three US cities for food?

Well I’ll just lump all of Louisiana into one city because Cajun food in Baton Rouge and New Orleans is unbelievable and my favorite food. I love getting to Chicago for pizza and Nashville has some of the best BBQ around!

Do you fold your pizza or eat it straight on? Ranck or no ranch?

Eat it straight with no ranch! Ranch is a dressing! Grotttttyyyyyyy

If I was a bartender, what would you order?

Cold delicious Miller Lite, as my buddy Brent Anderson would say!

Have you ever eaten two meals at the same restaurant in the same day?

Probably only at Chipotle… haha

You just released your New EP, Get Away With It. Congrats! It is fantastic! Is there one song in particular you’re most excited about people hearing?

I have a really hard time picking because I love the songs. “American Girls,” is so fun to play live. I’ve been looking forward to people hearing the record version for a while now.

Was, Get Away With It, born in Nashville or on the road?

It was born in Nashville! All the songs were written on the row with buddies that I love writing with!

Now let's talk a bit about your songwriting process. How does a song usually develop – do you first start with the lyrics, melody, chord progression, or something else?

Usually I start with an idea or a feeling about something… If I can find a hook that fits the idea then I usually try to figure out how it would sound along the way!

How do you react when something you wrote achieves tremendous success when sung by another artist? Do you have a strong reaction regarding song ownership or is more that you're happy being a very successful songwriter as well?

I’m so excited when other artists record my songs and it’s even better when they have success with them! Gives me another song to play live that people have heard along with my own tunes!

What do you find most inspires you to write a song?

The craft of writing and singing great music is what keeps me inspired. A lot of my favorite classic country and rock acts were all about the craft and had amazing songs and I would like to think I’m trying to keep that going!

Do you have favorite places or times where you like to write?

I usually prefer to write at my publishing company, Sea Gayle Music’s office, which is in a house on music row. It’s fun bumping into the other writers there too! People usually wanna start at 11 these days, but I don’t mind getting started a little earlier.

Who are your favorite current songwriters or musicians? Can you turn our readers on to someone they may not have heard of yet?

Travis Denning, who I wrote “Same Town” with, is an amazing artist. “Michael Hardy” who I’ve written songs with for years is blowing up as a writer and hopefully artist soon. Hailey Whitters is one of my favorites in town and she’s got an awesome record and about to put out some new music soon too!

Finally, if you could be sponsored by one food/drink brand who would it be and why?

Whole foods, so I could be forced to not eat tacos all the time


With the fuel of both Southern rock and Country music influences pumping through his veins, Sea Gayle Music’s CJ Solar is a natural at fusing the two worlds. Combine that with Delta blues, compliments of a childhood spent in Cajun country, and you’ve got one badass up-and-comer with the pure musical talent and vocal chops to back him up. Named one of the “New Artists You Need To Know” by Rolling Stone Country, Solar says the driving force behind his untimely success isn’t fame nor fortune – it’s just a diehard infatuation with the music he grew up on.

Solar’s new release is the five-song Get Away With It released April 13 on Sea Gayle Records. The first single, “Airplane,” is his highest charting single to date. As a songwriter, CJ has had songs cut by Morgan Wallen (“Up Down” featuring Florida Georgia Line), Jerrod Niemann’s “The Regulars” and “Blue Bandana,” Justin Moore and Texas artists Mike Ryan and Kyle Park.

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