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Introducing The Woods: A New Harmony Trio Forging Their Own Path in Nashville

(Nashville, Tenn. -- May 18, 2022) With their debut single, "World's on Fire," rising on the US Music Row country radio chart, and glowing features from Billboard and NPR, Nashville three-part harmony trio The Woods have quickly become a Nashville group to watch. With a confident, roots-steeped style that evokes the folk and classic rock sounds of the 1960s and 70s, The Woods don't sound like anyone else, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

Formed in 2021 in Nashville living rooms and home studios, The Woods' members -- Dan O'Rourke, Raquel Cole, and Leland Rooney -- each bring a depth of experience as musicians, songwriters, and performers. O'Rourke is an established writer and folk-influenced recording artist. Cole is a seasoned musician with her own successful career as a Canadian country solo artist. Rooney is an inspired, multi-genre guitar virtuoso. However, it is the dynamic blend of vocal tones in the trio that is, perhaps, most compelling to listeners.

"World's on Fire" has found enthusiastic early acceptance with fans, radio programmers, and national media. The release is already seeing airplay on more than 60 US country stations and climbing the Music Row Country Breakout Chart. Billboard's Tom Roland calls the song "an engaging, hooky workout with fierce triple harmonies, a loose, acoustically driven country/rock groove, and an almost esoteric lyric that’s open to multiple interpretations." And NPR notes The Woods "create a perfect combination of power and mystique, softness and grit, to make the songs truly soar."

The Woods recently released the music video for "World's on Fire," perfectly capturing the group's personality and throwback energy, complete with Kodachrome film stock looks and a painted bus. Click here to watch the video.

New fans of The Woods will be excited to take in more music, as the group will release a follow-up digital single in June, while "World's on Fire" continues to grow at country radio.


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